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  • How bad was this game?

    First let me start off by saying I understand this is a whole new design and platform so comparing it to past games is a little unfair. However, they failed in so many aspects it hurts.

    I have always love Nancy Drew games, and like most fans I have waited 5 years and 2 deployment in the military to play this game. Within the first few seconds of playing this game I knew something was wrong. not only was it full of glitches but the whole aspect of the game was outdated to say the least. You have to lower the graphics just to play the game without lagging, however the graphics on the high setting are already horrid. The game was difficult in all the wrong ways! Navigating was a nightmare and the whole 360 view was burdensome and strenuous but required when it comes to the games progression. The few puzzles in the game were either too easy or difficult only because of the lack of instruction. The story was weak with little to no excitement and it had no drama what so ever, which is sad because the story line had so much potential. Being a game with the most characters it gave you no look into their lives or story. the new "sleek" design is cheap and amateurish, for example your inventory items are just white shapes, making it difficult to identify items. When it comes to conversation they are plentiful but redundant and you have no choice in what you say only in the order you say them, which is a common theme to the game such as you have to follow the task list to a T and cannot move on to another task until you finish your current one. There are few items you can even investigate making for boring sets. Unlike past games, this one offers no educational aspects. It had no references to past games or characters which is something I always loved to see. Not having a note pad or real task list was infuriating, if you missed something you couldn't look to see what was happening. No fun mini games to play. After waiting for so long I'm sure we all expected for this game to last a while however I finished it in 6 hours. For a mystery game there is no mystery, You figure out who the culprit is about halfway through but oddly don't discuss it with anyone. There were so many unexplained things that it caused the game to become confusing and uninteresting. I wish there had been more for the player to have to figure out but all the information and clues were just handed to you. The game had no instruction to it and you had to hit every vocal Que in order to progress. I'm not sure why this game change from the old ones but I personally saw nothing wrong with the past games and I quiet looked forward to them. I don't want a hyper realistic game which is what I assume they were shooting for, I just want the old Nancy Drew with great new stories and mysteries. I fear this is the final game we will be seeing which is a shame after doing so well in the past and producing great games. I just wish it would have ended on a good note. If this is truly the beginning of the end the least they could do is give us one more game and wrap up all lose ends, bring back old characters, let us in on all the secrets some games hinted at and give Nancy a happy ending. Give us a happy ending.