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  • Midnight in Salem - Game Review

    At last, Midnight in Salem is here after waiting four long years. This game has been quite the journey.

    In this game, Nancy is looking for the Book of Apologies written be Judge Samuel Sewall. (BTW, its a real book that you can buy on amazon.) After the book is stolen, Nancy gets a call from Deidre Shannon. I just can't resist, but to quote Arglefumph, "Deidre Shannon is there, Deidre Shannon is always there." So Deirdre needs Nancy's help on a case in Salem. The case involves Deidre's cousin Mei Parry being accused of setting fire to the Hathorne House.

    When we meet Mei for the first time I knew she was someone who has been through alot. As time went on, I began to suspect that she was covering for someone when she wouldn't give her alibi. Deirdre is really interesting in this game. On one hand she's still the same, but on the other she's different. It was great to see how much Deidre has matured since we last saw her.

    Teegan is Mei's sister I got the impression that she has appointed herself as Mei's protector. I also liked Teegan's passion for history as well. Lauren Holt was an interesting character. She was the adopted daughter of Frances Tuttle, the last owner of Hathorne House. Lauren owns an apothecary shop where she makes natural medicines. Olivia Ravencroft was the most unique character in the game. At times she was a little too out there for me.

    Judge Danforth is the silly, scatterbrained judge in Salem. He's convinced without any evidence that Mei Parry is guilty of the arson at Hathorne House. I really didn't like how the judge was jumping to conclusion and assuming things about Mei. Alicia Cole is the attorney who works with Judge Danforth. I got the impression from her that she thought she was too good for Salem. Jason Danforth is the son of Judge Danforth. Jason gives the impression that he's a ladies man and a little full of himself.

    One of my favorite and best things about this game is seeing Frank and Joe Hardy. Having them in the game was a real highlight for me. It was so wonderful to finally work on another mystery with Frank and Joe IN PERSON. Finally, our phone contacts were Carson Drew and Ned Nickerson.

    I love this game. It was enjoyable and really fun to play. I really enjoyed learning about the Salem Witch Trials that I've heard about. I would have liked to learn more about Judge Samual Sewall's story and how the Book of Apologies came about. The graphics in this game were incredibly cool. The environments that we visited were really cool as well. The culprit reveal was a real surprise to me which is something I really liked.

    In this game, were introduced to Nancy's new voice actress Brittany Cox. She was wonderful as Nancy Drew and brought some freshness in Nancy's voice. However, I will always consider Lani Minella to be the best voice actress to have ever voiced Nancy. She truly set the standard for voicing Nancy. I will always love her work in the Nancy Drew games.

    However, I didn't like the wave length puzzle in the cemetery. I also didn't like how there was no teaser for the next game.

    When I finally played this game I was a little overwhelmed with all of the changes, especially with the navigation. As a result, I soon realized that I would need a wireless mouse because it wasn't working very well with my touch pad mouse. So I bought a wireless mouse and it helped alot. Then I noticed that I was having technical problems with the game. The mouths of the characters were out of sync with the dialogue causing laging. After emailing tech support I learned that my laptop wasn't fast enough for the game. As a result, I had to buy a game laptop to get Midnight in Salem to work correctly. This game cost me alot money just to be able to play it. Midnight in Salem has been quite the adventure. I know I'm not the only one who's had technical problems with this game.

    In conclusion, I love Midnight in Salem and it was a really awesome game. Despite all the problems I had to simply have the game work.

    I can't wait to see what's in store for Nancy in the next game. Whatever that may be I'm here for it.

    As I result, I give Midnight in Salem an 8 out 10.


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    I agree! Midnight in Salem was great, not the same as previous games but it was good! The Hardy Boys were the redeeming quality here I really enjoyed the plot even if it was a little all over the place, and most of the characters looked ok. I hope they continue to work on these games!


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      I thought it was great too! Only issues I had with it were the game lag sometimes. And just getting used to the new style in the beginning!
      environment, music, charachters were all great!
      throwing a few more puzzles in there may not hurt tho


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        Just saw this section post. I didn’t like the game very much. Very disjointed and frustrating to play. Definitely not like the original games at all. (For those of us that have played all the ND Adventure games from the beginning.) After 7 years of waiting, I was very disappointed. Only persevered to say I finished. I only check here every so often as nothing is forthcoming so far of another game.
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