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  • Such a disappointment

    I've been playing ND games since the very first one came out & was really looking forward to a redesign, a new game, & an exciting story, but man, I'm so let down.
    I liked how advanced they tried to get with the characters and gameplay, but it slowed everything down way too much. I think there was way too much focus on trying to make such an advanced, detailed graphic game that it really took away from the actual gameplay! There were not enough riddles or puzzles, which totally goes against ND style, & there was WAAAAYYYY too much dialogue!! That was my biggest annoyance!! I never used to skip through conversations with any other ND game, but I did almost every time in this one. Made the game so much less exciting. The ending was not a big, exciting ND ending either, very lackluster.
    I had my hopes so high for this & was very let down. I really hope they focus more on true ND game style, if they continue making these games.


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    I completely agree with you. For all the time and effort put in to making a more detailed and modern looking video game, they totally failed. The graphics were absolutely terrible. I've been replaying the older games recently and I don't even think those look as bad! I was also looking forward to having a new design to the game (like how the oldest games have that green border with speech box and inventory to the newer looking games). I'm all for a new look as long as it doesn't affect the gameplay but MID was just overall a bad game. The mystery itself was all over the place and the characters were boring and talked too much. In the past games I've loved the mini puzzles of making food and whatnot, but when a game only has 3 puzzles and one of them is making pancakes thats just ridiculous. I feel as though they tried to make a game for a new (younger) audience instead of catering to the loyal Nancy Drew fans. Such a bummer.