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    Midnight in Salem: released in December 2019

    Based on the Book: The Witch Tree Symbol (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #33, published in 1955)

    How Closely Does the Game Follow the Book?: Not very closely. They both have to do with witches but that's pretty much the only similarity.

    Location: Salem, Massachusetts

    The Mystery/Crime: Arson, theft, ghost sightings

    Mode Of Transportation: Nancy walks most places. There is a car but either Deirdre drives or it automatically takes Nancy to or from town.

    Is there an alarm clock in this game?: No

    What is learned about in this game?: Salem Witch Trials

    Brief Plot Synopsis: Deirdre Shannon asks Nancy to go to Salem to find out who burned down the Hathorne house. Deirdre's cousin Mei is accused of the arson and Deirdre wants Nancy to help prove her innocence.

    Brief Character Synopsis:

    1. Alicia Cole - a busy lawyer

    2. Jason Danforth - an arrogant flirt and the judge's son

    3. Judge Danforth - a judge who is convinced that Mei is guilty; Jason's father

    4. Lauren Holt - the remaining resident of the Hathorne House property (lives at the guest house there); owns a modern apothecary shop

    5. Mei Perry - A sardonic young burn victim who spent time in juvenile detention as a child; Teegan's sister and Deirdre's cousin

    6. Olivia Ravencroft - A quirky woman who claims to be a witch who owns a shop and gives "witch tours" of the town

    7. Teegan Perry - A young woman who works at a museum; Mei's sister and Deirdre's cousin

    Deidre Shannon, Joe Hardy, and Frank Hardy are also in-person characters in this game.

    Phone Characters:

    1. Carson Drew - Nancy's father

    2. Damien Faulkner - Teegan's boyfriend

    3. Elisabeth Hirst - some kind of expert (I forget on what); she's also with you at the beginning of them game but you don't see her, only hear her voice

    4. Ned Nickerson - Nancy's boyfriend

    My favorite quotes:

    "Eh, I don't know Nancy. With our special detectives powers we might be mistaken for witches. Heard they don't fare well up there." - Joe Hardy

    "Shucks. I was trying to throw you off with "nice." - Deirdre Shannon

    "If you have to explain it, it's not a joke." - Joe Hardy

    Things I didn't like:
    -As pretty much everyone else has said, the graphics are horrible. The characters look very strange - to me Teegan looks like an alien from outer space. I usually don't care about graphics much but it's really weird when there's supposed to be a twig on the ground but it's floating in the air instead.

    -Also as pretty much everyone else has said, the navigation is horrible. It's still a "point and click" format but is very clunky. You can't just go straight sometimes; sometimes you have to go far out of your way to get where you want to go. It can be frustrating.

    -I found the game too "busy." I like when a game has a subplot, but I didn't like the multiple subplots here. Nancy goes to Salem to find out who burned down the Hathorne House but then she investigates who stole the Book of Apologies, and who broke into the evidence room, and why people are seeing ghosts, and some other stuff. It's too unfocused for me.

    -I didn't have as much of a problem with the large amount of dialogue and the lack of puzzles as some people did, but I would have liked something more other than talking to people and a few simple puzzles. I don't necessarily need puzzles per se, but just some kind of other tasks. Finding things, mini games, a chore as long as it's not too tedious, something like that.

    -This game really lacks what I have decided to call "viewability." This means the amount of things you can pick up, zoom in on, read, etc. For reference think of how you can look at all of the displays in Scarlet Hand and how you can look at so many of the props in Stay Tuned for Danger. In this game you can't look at much of anything. Even though one of the locations is a museum, you can't see barely any of the items there. Not only can you not pick them up, but you really can't tell what they are; they just look like blobs in the background.

    -Lack of educational value. There are some facts about the Salem Witch Trials in the game but I would have liked more.

    Things I liked:
    -The voice acting. I'm still on the fence on how I feel about Nancy's new voice, but I love the acting in general here. The voice actors for Lauren, Jason, and Mei are particularly impressive.

    -More characters. The "four in-person characters and one or two phone characters" thing in every game was getting pretty stale for me. I'm glad they added more characters.

    -The security camera video puzzle/task. It was unique and required logic.

    -Talking to all the characters at the end. It was a refreshing new way to end a game and gave closure for all of the characters.

    My Rating: 4/10