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Important! Fixed Ghost Hunting Issue for Mac Users!

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  • Important! Fixed Ghost Hunting Issue for Mac Users!

    Hi everyone! I was nearly about to rip my hair out trying to use my Mac's trackpad to move the ghost hunting device knobs, but I figured out the way to manipulate it. If you go to your Mac's trackpad settings, you can raise the tracking speed all the way to fast. This makes it much easier to move the knobs. In addition to that, when you are turning a knob, do NOT spin in the direction of the circle. You will always be dragging either to the top left or top right. It will work every time. Hope that helps!
    To the message boards: When I think of this place, I think of the many wonderful memories and friends that I made here as a young teen (some of which I have to this day!). I would just like to say thank you to everyone who made this place special and added so much joy to my life. From alternate endings, to entertaining message board games, to picking through the details of every game, to being so excited when a new game was released, to speculating if MID would ever come out, and of course to the time where so many of us sleuthed every inch of CRE to find that darn (fake) easter egg , I have had so much fun here and made so many memories. The boards may be all but dead but I will forever cherish this place, even if I never return to it. Thank you to you all

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    In case others are wondering, the way I did it: also did not spin the knobs. Held down on my trackpad while moving from left to right. The first thing to do is to turn the right knob. This makes the green wave higher or lower. Get the wave to the exact same height as the red one. Then, play around with the left slider until you get the waves to completely line up. This one requires patience. Once you start getting to ones that are quite close to matching, keep going really slowly as you know that you are close to getting the perfect match!


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      Omg thank you sooooo much!!!! This worked for me!!