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Stuck after finding a certain letter

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  • Stuck after finding a certain letter

    I am stuck after finding the letter from
    Frances Tuttle, in the cabinet in the Hathorne house.
    I also found
    the jacket,
    but I haven't figured out what to do with it yet.

    The task list on my phone says to:

    - Inspect the jacket (I've looked at it from all angles, I think, but haven't seen anything)
    - Get alibis for the book theft
    - Get alibis for the fire
    - Investigate the break-in at the courthouse

    I looked around in the evidence room and Nancy said that
    the break-in must have been faked
    but I haven't been able to talk to anyone about that.

    I opened
    the box in Lauren's shop and found the herb in there, plus I found the sage in the forest.
    I figure from the herb book that I need to
    make some kind of truth serum
    but I still think I'm missing an herb.

    Basically, I'm really lost and I'm not sure what to do next! Please point me in the right direction with a hint. NO SPOILERS please! Thank you.

    EDIT: Also, I found and solved
    the ripped up note that's in the trash can
    in the Parry house.
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    Okay, so in sequence:

    You're missing something in the jacket. You should try checking it thoroughly to figure out who it belongs to.

    Nothing with the herbs is necessary to complete the game. You don't have to make anything with them except the solution to the ailments listed beside you. It's just a minigame. You can make the truth serum if you want, just follow the hints in the writing.

    You'll need to talk to
    Jason and the Judge
    about their alibis. There isn't a real spoiler in there, just names.

    You're missing something in the Evidence Room. Try looking at all angles in the room, wall to wall, corner to corner.
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