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Stuck In First Room!!

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  • Stuck In First Room!!

    I'm stuck in the first room trying to open the desk. I have the key from the desk but can't figure out how to rotate it on a Mac. Please help!!

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    I'm sorry I don't have a Mac so i cant give you specific instructions but I'll do my best. I've heard this game is very hard to play with a trackpad.

    Right click (not left click) on the key in your inventory so that it is in front of you. Rotate the key until the teeth (the part that goes in the lock) are facing you. If you're using a trackpad you'll have to rotate by holding down the left click while swiping on the pad. Left click on the teeth to reposition/open them.
    You should then be able to use the key in the lock.

    I had trouble with this too. Good luck!
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