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Can't talk to judge about CCTV- I have done EVERYTHING!

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  • Can't talk to judge about CCTV- I have done EVERYTHING!


    I'm unable to talk to the judge about the cctv. I have done EVERYTHING, including
    looking at the camera above the door in the evidence room, looking at the window in the evidence room, looking at the bars to the side, looking at the bulletin board, looking at the map, looking at the computer on the desk, taking the evidence list and figuring out that all the missing evidence was from the AW...I even opened every drawer just to be thorough AND spoke to Alicia Cole already about it....I spoke with the son outside...

    Why can't I get talk to the judge about it?! I'm going CRAZY! I'm worried my game is bugged and that I won't be able to continue... :(

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    Don't forget to
    click on the sticky note with the code


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      I am stuck on that too! I have clicked everything, talked to everyone, and each time I try to talk to the Judge he literally says nothing and the only text there is whatever was said last to or from Nancy. I am stuck...I think my download has a bug too.

      It is against the rules to hijack another members thread in this way. It is rude to the original poster and can get very confusing. Please start a new thread with all your information.

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