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  • Stuck at very beginning

    I have looked around everywhere, seeing the chest, the desk, opened the window, seen a book and a sheet of paper, and talked to ms. Hirst. It's kind of hard to manipulate the cursor and make the mouse move but I'm trying and I'm just not seeing anything. From the few hints I read, I'm looking for a mirror and a jacket but I see neither. My checklist says search Sewells desk and find book of Apologies. Please help guide me in the right direction!

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    Look closely at the design carved into the desk- your cursor will turn into a hand when you are over a spot that you can press.
    "One True Friend to all who are frightened or lost,
    Whether great or small never factor the cost,
    Catch the tears that fall and melt the frost,
    Leave no bridge uncrossed...….

    One True Friend who'll stay, though all others may run,
    keep the wolves at bay till the battle is won,
    Fill the darkest day with blessed sun,
    If you need someone.
    ...He will be One True Friend"