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MOVING IS HORRIBLE (moved to correct board)

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  • MOVING IS HORRIBLE (moved to correct board)

    Not to be overly dramatic, but all this wait for a game with "better graphics" and IMPOSSIBLE movement? I love Nancy Games with a passion, but this game really made me want to just replay all my older games, because it is so difficult to play!

    No not because the game concept is difficult, but because moving Nancy around is impossible! I literally need to use two of my hands just to make Nancy look up and stop spinning. Is there any way I can toggle the graphics and just make it a point and click without moving her separately? I play this game PC, without a mouse (laptop), and it's awful. I literally gave up playing this game after two days because it was taking me forever to move around.

    DO NOT GET THIS GAME- unless maybe its for a Playstation and you can move around better.

    If anyone knows how I can convert this game back to point and click, and have Nancy move along I would greatly appreciate it...if it's even possible.

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    You can change the settings, but you really have to have a mouse to play this game or you have to set your tracking pad to be able to right click. Not sure about your last question, because it really is still a point and click game.
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      Are your graphic settings too high? That will make movement incredibly slow, unless your computer has a graphics card. I found that, on a standard laptop, if I had the graphics on low, and the resolution set to the highest 4:3 level, movement was quite fluid and easy. Also, make sure the extra things, like real-time reflections and shadows are off, as this will slow things down too.
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        I also had to change my settings and graphics it will make a difference

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