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    "...нє'ѕ кιи∂ σf α... вєα¢н вυм."
    ~*ιnтrodυcтιon*~: Welcome to my Ransom of the Seven Ships review. Im Nikoletta, or oceanxatlantic. Upon seeing the trailer for RAN after finishing HAU, I had mixed feelings. Nancy had already gone to a tropical paradise in CRE. What would make this game different? Read on and find out.

    ~*ploт*~: Bess won an online sweepstakes, and now Bess, George, and Nancy are on their way to an exclusive island resort in the Bahamas! Unfortunately, Nancy must arrive a day late due to a Dad and Daughter Banquet with Carson. When she arrives, the unthinkable has happened: Bess has been kidnapped! After further investigation, Nancy soon discovers numerous coincidences that lead her to believe that something dark is going on at the mostly-deserted Dread Isle

    The plot was actually very intriguing even though it was your classic kidnapping. The fact that there was people or a person that may be exploiting Nancy for her detective work was a very cool concept that kept me going even at the times the plot got dry. [8/10]

    ~*aтмoѕpнere*~: Though the music was a bit cheery from the circumstances of losing Bess, I have to admit I really liked it. It was different enough from CRE and helped define the scenery into the tropical island it was. Some music was cheery, some mysterious, but never creepy/scary. The island itself and the graphics were decent enough. No complains there. Im not sure the urgency of the situation was really expressed, like in games such as FIN, so I wasnt especially impressed. [8/10]

    ~* lengтн*~: This game has a decent length. That being said, the elements of the game that lengthened it were not always fun. You can read more about that in other sections of the review. [9/10]

    ~*cнaracтerѕ*~: The lack of characters and dialogue was really the downfall of this game. With there being only three, two of which are George and a parrot, there was only one real suspect. Of course, this is at the same time intriguing, making a player wonder if perhaps, this time, for the first time in the series, the culprit may not be a character? Or is he/she?

    ~George Fayne~: Nancys best friend and Besss cousin. I loved her looks in this game. Exactly how I always imagined her. She looked perfect! She always acted reasonably frantic but still kept her cool in the logical-George-like way.

    ~CouCou~: A parrot at the resort that Nancy and George are staying on at Dread Isle. She surescreeches a lot. I found her kind of annoying. She makes some comments while you walk around the resort, those are pretty funny however.

    ~Johnny Rolle~: A type of nomad that says he travels from island to island fishing and relaxing. What a life, huh? He is rather standoffish and though he is interesting to talk to and has his fair share of depth I really wish there were more characters.

    The lack of characters really brought down the game and made it less interesting. [4/10]

    ~*pυzzleѕ*~: Oh boy. I think its fair to say that RAN is a mainly puzzle-based game. I was considerably younger when I first played this game and absolutely hated the amount of puzzles. As Ive grown, Ive replayed and actually found myself liking some of the puzzles. But thats the key word: some. There is such an abundance, I could call it ridiculous. I only like puzzles when they flow seamlessly with the plot, and though I suppose most of them did, the sheer amount was overwhelming and squandered the plot/investigation parts of the game a considerable amount. [5/10]

    ~*navιgaтιon*~: Any way Nancy travelled, she did in first person. Along with puzzles, third person was another annoying and reoccurring element in this game. It was easy to get lost on the island/around the island and overall the navigation was very frustrating and very difficult to get a feel for. [4/10]

    ~*ѕnoopιng*~: Theres pretty much no snooping in this game; given the lack of characters, that would be expected, I guess. Since there was no snooping, Im not going to give RAN a score for this element.

    ~*evenтѕ//ѕυѕpenѕe*~: This game actually did have a good amount of suspense and events that were very fun. These were buffered by the fact you could switch between George and Nancy. It made the game much more fun overall and helped balance out the millions of puzzles in the game. [9/10]

    ~*ѕcore*~: 47/70

    Grade: C-/D+

    Overall, I dont think it was the worst ND adventure game ever, but definitely not the best. It is worth buying however if you love the series as whole or if you love brainteasers. If you are a huge puzzle person, disregard the score, because RAN is the game for you! If you are very interested in snooping/investigation type games, I suggest CAP, VEN, and FIN (especially if you love the kidnapping plot lines)
    **"first person" in the navigation section should be "third person". It's hard to correct typos in the fade!
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    Reps given! I do agree Ran was mostly puzzle based!
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