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  • ϟ RAN {In-depth review.}

    Ransom of the Seven Ships.

    T h e P l o t ;
    After winning a special trip to Dread Isle in The Bahamas, it's only ironic that something dreadful should occur. Bess has been kidnapped and held for ransom at the expense that Nancy find the long-lost treasure of El Toro's fleet. So much for having a fantastic vacation. Is there more to this kidnapping than meets the eye? Prepare to sail and scuba dive your way around this gorgeous island.

    Good Things:
    * We get to see some beach.
    * I quite enjoyed driving the golf cart, though I do recommend that you somewhat memorize the map.
    * The monkeys were pretty cute.

    Bad Things:
    * No phone. (I enjoy talking on the phone.)
    * The plot sounds more interesting than it actually plays out to be, in my opinion.
    * A certain monkey game that I kept losing.
    * Climbing was a pain.
    * No real snooping. ):

    Places To Explore;
    Shark Diving Resort; It's definitely cute, and it looks very welcoming from both the outside and inside. I only wish that we could have looked at the newspapers or something.
    Shark Cove; The beach is so pretty, and I only wish that I could have jumped right into the game to walk along it. It looks very real.
    Sangre Beach; This beach as well looks gorgeous. Also, the trees and the path where you meet Johnny really works on the beach.
    Blue Hole; Perhaps my favorite location on the island, it also becomes pretty important. There isn't a lot to do here, but scenery-wise, it's spectacular. The water and trees look real.
    Bat Steep; It's not the most exciting location of the game, but it does suffice for the time that you do spend there. It's done pretty well, but it's honestly not very exciting.
    Monkey Center; The trees were done really well, as were the monkeys. There wasn't really much for you to do here besides play with the monkeys, but it was overall designed nicely.

    Good Things:
    * Honestly, everything looked really spendid in this game. (I'm never really critical of the graphics, because I know it isn't easy.)

    Bad Things:
    * While there were plenty of locations to explore, I felt that there weren't very many places at these locations to really observe. You don't really get to do much, besides the obvious task. (i.e. play with the monkeys or dive)

    Cast of Characters;
    George Fayne : One of Nancy's best friend, she's your main companion during your stay. She's a bit hysterical, and you don't really talk to her often, but she is a comfort to see.

    Bess Marvin : Has been kidnapped before you even set foot on the island. She's easily persuaded, but also another comfort when you do see her.

    Johnny Rolle: He's stuck on the island because of rambuncious monkeys trashing his boat. He has a fun accent, which is fun to imitate and doesn't ever seem to be in a particularly swell mood.

    Coucou: Another talkative yet wise bird. Her hints are usually quite helpful, but she'll only dish them out if you give her a treat.

    Good Things:
    * They were done very well. No lagginess that I could spot.

    Bad Things:
    * There was hardly anyone to talk to for clues. I had to keep glancing at the message boards.
    * Really, you hardly talked to anyone unless you needed something.

    I'm not going to lie, there were a lot of hard puzzles in this game. Most of which I had to consult the message boards to solve. They were cool puzzles, but I felt that there wasn't a definite variation between them. This seemed to be a very puzzle driven game.

    Really, I do not recall any bit of scariness to this game. Perhaps the ending, if you tend to get uneasy, but if this isn't your first Nancy Drew game, then I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

    This may be one of the endings that I didn't expect. Usually I have them figured out before the end, but this one still managed to surprise me. The culprit, that is.
    As for completing the ending, I don't believe that it was necessarily difficult, but it was still cool. And, you get to see Bess. (:

    Ransom of the Seven Ships as a whole was a very interesting game. It included a lot of puzzles, yet very little snooping or exploration, which I really like in the games. As a first game, I don't believe that I would recommend it due to the fact that I got extremely frustrated with some of the puzzles. If me, not a novice to Nancy Drew, could get flustered, then a newbie would most certainly feel the same.
    However, I would still recommend that you play it, as I would any other Nancy Drew game.
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    I really enjoyed your review! I actually like RAN and loved playing the whole thing except for a few puzzles;(. Anyway, great review!

    i figure life’s a gift…………❝❞
    ….....__÷. , ,_¸ . ·´{(¯¨`·......... // }´.and I don’t intend on wasting it
    You’re gonna get dealt next…………………………….
    you learn to take life as it comes to you……..
    ……to make each day count
    αε …………


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      Amazing review! I agree with what you said.