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  • »»τropicαl αdvεnτurε- α rαn rεviεw☼

    »»τropicαl αdvεnτurε- α rαn rεviεw☼
    - by harper x

    Mystery (6/10) - So, Nancy wins a trip to a tropical island. Lush, hot, and...strangely empty. The Gibsons, who own the resort are gone, and so is Bess! What's a sleuth to do? The mystery was a little...meh for me. A kidnapping is always exciting, but it was never scary or particularly action packed. It was, well, excactly like a vacation: fun, relaxing, but nothing to get worked up over.

    Characters (2/10) - My favourite part of ND games are interrogating suspects, snooping through their things, guessing who's responsible. (maybe I'm just nosy!) But with only Johnny and George to talk to, the characters are boring and bland.

    Puzzles/Games (7/10) - I loved playing games and winning prizes from the monkeys! That was a huge bonus in the game. All the puzzles were very tricky, which is good, and a good mix.

    Setting (8/10) - The setting was my favourite part. HeR did an excellent job with this. The water, the palm trees, the beaches and the resort were all nicely done.

    Overall (6/10) - Overall, the game was enjoyable, but not HeR's best. Some cons was driving and sailing. They took to long and were kinda annoying. A pro was scuba diving. It was very cool! I recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzles and a tropical setting, but not anyone who wants creepy or scary.