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Excellent Game: Challenging and Lots of Variety

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  • Excellent Game: Challenging and Lots of Variety

    I just finished playing this game for the second time and it still took me multiple days to complete, playing for an hour or two each time. It had been over a year since I first played, so I only vaguely remembered parts of the game. Just going through the necessary paces takes a while, but even that is not boring due to the variety. I like it when the Nancy Drew games take a while to solve.

    I don't like it when the games are too difficult and the only way I can solve them is by using spoilers. A few of the later games fall into that category for me, at least. This game, however, had challenging puzzles that I was able to solve with just a little effort and sometimes with the help of real paper and pencil. There was one puzzle that I found impossible to solve, even with hints. It was the first piece of the two part puzzle. Her Interactive should put in a photo spoiler for that one or at least a very direct, complete spoiler.

    This game is probably the best of the Nancy Drew games for providing variety. You end up doing a lot of things like: sailing, diving, driving, climbing, and playing games with animals. It also provides you with a few extra treats if you explore off the beaten path or do more than just try to solve the mystery.

    I highly recommend this game. It is well worth the price.