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An In-Depth Review of... ~Ransom of the Seven Seas~

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  • An In-Depth Review of... ~Ransom of the Seven Seas~

    Here we go!

    Ransom of the Seven Ships

    Your friend Bess Marvin is kidnapped and the only chance you have to save her is by solving a 300-year-old Bahamian mystery! Dangerous waters keep treasure hunters from exploring the reefs around Dread Isle, but this remote island might hide the riches of El Toro's lost fleet! Can you, as Nancy Drew, track down the treasure before time runs out?

    Okay, So this plot is very exciting an adventurous. I have always loved learning about pirates and this plot automatically intrigued me!
    Rate: 10/10

    So your at a resort in the Bahamas with 2+ beaches, a monkey research center and the wide ocean blue. There is also a mountain and a swimming hole.

    Okay so the setting might sound okay but it literally was horrible! There you were. Stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean with no one but 2 people to talk to! Plus, You had to drive a golf cart to get around and trust me, you would have hated it. The roads wound around and around and if you drove even the tiniest bit off pat, you would creep along until it sped up again!
    Rate: 4/10

    I really enjoyed the graphics in this game! They were really picturesque considering the ocean and the tropical islands. The characters were also pretty good too.
    Rate: 8/10


    George Fayne:

    George is one of Nancy's best friends and is sensible and matter-of-fact about life. She is the one who remembers the small details and is the best with technology. On Dread Isle, she feels helpless when Bess is kidnapped and is trying to fix a satellite phone.

    I like George. Although her real name is Georgia, She prefers George. She is a total tomboy and is pretty cool

    Bess Marvin:

    Bess is a little boy crazy, but she's great with people and is able to persuade them to do anything! With an awesome fashion sense and a cheery disposition, she can be coaxed into helping Nancy on a case. But when Bess is kidnapped on Dread Isle, she'll need Nancy's help to escape...

    Well, I can't say much about Bess considering the fact that shes missing..

    Johnny Rolle

    Johnny is stuck on Dread Isle and can't leave until he repairs his boat that the monkeys trashed. Since he's been on the island longer than Nancy and George, perhaps he can help find Bess, or was he the one who kidnapped her in the first place?

    Okay, So Johnny is kind of.. well pretty much strange. There is really nothing interesting about him other than that to be honest.


    Coucou is a smart-talking double yellow headed Amazon parrot. She hears the secrets people whisper, but won't tell unless you give her a treat!

    Oh, How I LOVE Coucou!! She is the most interesting character in this whole game!! She is always insulting George and loves to eat! Also, a little connection is present here from game #11...

    Overall Character Rate: 6/10

    The puzzles in this game were fun, and slightly challenging. Although, if you prefer harder puzzles this isn't for you.
    Rate: 8/10

    Scare Factor:

    This game isn't what you would call a scary game. The plot doesn't allow it. If there was any moments that was slightly eerie, The upbeat music drowned it out.
    Rate: 2/10

    The music in this game is perrfect for an island getaway! It's happy, tropical, and upbeat! It really makes it feel like your on vacation
    Rate: 10/10

    There was 3 mini-games that you could play at the research center with the monkeys. One was like a board game, another was a target game, and the last game was where you had to click on tiles that were the biggest an try to get more points than the monkey. If you win in any of these, The monkey will let you pick a prize that they have stolen from somewhere or another.
    Rate: 8/10

    The ending of this game was absolutely horrible!! It as like HeR was on a deadline so they threw something together!! The culprit was altogether obvious from the beginning and I kinda felt cheated from my mystery! Ugh!!
    Rate: 1/10

    Factoring in all of that, The ending, characters and the setting are what caused my rate to drop!! This game is in my least favorite 3!!

    Overall Rate:


    Overall Rate: 6/10

    Thanks for reading!!
    Be sure to check out my other reviews!!

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    Agreed, nice review!