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No Wonder It's Called "Dread" Isle: A Cake Re-Review

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  • No Wonder It's Called "Dread" Isle: A Cake Re-Review

    My Introduction
    Hi there! I'm disneygirl12, here with a second review on Ransom of the Seven Ships. My original review from a little less than 2 years ago was fairly positive, but after replaying this game maybe a month ago, I must say I'm disappointed in it now. Let's find out why.
    First off, the plot: Bess wins a sweepstakes in which the prize is a visit to the Bahamas with 2 guests. She invites Nancy and George to go with her. Nancy arrives one day late, but upon arriving, she learns that Bess has been kidnapped! The only way to get her back safely is to do the kidnappers' bidding - find the long lost treasure of El Toro.

    Fruitcakes (cons)
    The idea of Bess being kidnapped is interesting, but isn't carried out well at all. There's no build-up to El Toro, and honestly, going after his treasure is not too fun. Also, it feels like Nancy isn't concerned about finding Bess herself; she's perfectly fine with giving the kidnappers exactly what they want. That just makes her seem kind of weak.
    There are 4 "characters" in this game. 2 of these "characters" are Coucou the parrot (a much more annoying take on Loulou) and the monkeys inhabiting the island. The only humans besides Bess and Nancy are George and beach bum Johnny Rolle. George isn't given much of a "Rolle" in this game (*ba dum tisk*), and Johnny isn't at all interesting.
    There are WAY too many puzzles in this game. It's a lot of work to get this treasure, and that's exactly what it feels like - work. Like I said, the treasure hunt isn't interesting, so not only are there a ton of extremely challenging puzzles, but it's boring and tedious to get through them.
    Oh, the music. The tracks don't sound bad, but I personally cannot stand them. They're so happy and upbeat (and also quite repetitive), and make me forget that we're (sort of) trying to find Bess. This game needed suspense, yet there was none to be found in the music.
    You'd think there would be a lot to explore in the Bahamas, but there wasn't. All of the locations were really small.
    Getting around with the golf cart got really tedious, as did navigating the sailboat.
    Let's see, how can this game get any worse...? Ah, yes! The third person! 3rd person was used for a lot of puzzles that required navigating, or simply getting from place to place. It got super annoying, and the animation for 3rd person is never good with these games. There's so little detail and it looks sloppy.
    I don't like the ending scene. It was just one more puzzle to get through and made me lose interest.

    Good Cakes (pros)
    When not in 3rd person, the graphics are excellent. The characters and monkeys look pretty realistic for the most part, and HeR was getting really good at animating things from a distance. It also seemed like there was wind because the palm trees swayed a bit, so I appreciate the detail going into this. (The water kind of looked like Jello, but that's just me.)

    Pancakes (so-so's)
    The culprit. It was a clever thing they did, but I'm still iffy on how I feel about it. (Those who have played this game will know what I'm talking about.)

    All in all, RAN is not a good game. It lacked suspense, which is a key ingredient with a plot like this. The treasure hunt as I've been saying was not interesting (to me, at least), and the puzzles were just too overwhelming. The characters were poorly executed, third person was too prominent, and there wasn't a lot to explore. Sad to say, I hate this game with a passion now. I originally gave it 3 stars, but now it's down to 1.

    Anyway, that's the end of the review! Thank you so much for reading! I hope my negative comment weren't too bothersome. :) Let me know what your thoughts on this game were, and feel free to comment; they're always welcome!

    = Miserable!

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