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Ransom of the Seven Ships - A review by felicity18

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  • Ransom of the Seven Ships - A review by felicity18

    This game has a great lack of characters. Its a serious case of that feeling of "Where is everyone!" I have so many problems with this game. The only character worth mentioning at all in this game is Johnny Rolle. He's a beach bum who has a serious case of an identity crisis.

    There are many things that I don't like about this game. First of all the design for Bess and George sucked on all fronts. It was very disappointing. The monkey coconut throwing challenge, to get the compass, was just too hard, too challenging and is the worst part of the game. I also didn't like the golf cart. It was difficult to manoeuver and to drive correctly.

    This game in general was way too challenging and I've only been able to beat it once. That was only thanks to Michael Gray's video walkthrough.

    All in all I really don't like this game. There is a great lack of characters and it was overly challenging. They really did hit the mark with the scenery and it looks really beautiful but that's all.

    So I give Ransom of the Seven Ships a 4 out of 10.

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