I just recently completed Ransom of the Seven Ships for the first time! I will rate everything on a 1/10 scale and explain why I gave it that rating.

Graphics: Gorgeous!! Even the sailing, golf cart driving, climbing at the bat cave, and diving was pretty good! Especially the diving! Everything was very detailed! 10/10

Music: Loved the music at every point! 10/10

Plot: The plot was pretty good. Loved that George and Bess were in this game and I know what they look like now. I wish there was more to El Toro than what was given and maybe a little bit more back ground info but overall the plot was good. A little dry at points but I liked it! 8/10

Games: Some of these games drove me BONKERS! The treasure chest cave at the shipwreck was insane and I ended up looking up a spoiler. The monkey games were fun at first and then I started to get sick of them. The keyhole puzzle drove me insane. I ended up saving once and then trying every keyhole until I got the right one, if it wasn't the right one I loaded my game back up. I actually liked decoding the journal because it wasn't too difficult. I HATED having to play the monkey games to get a hint from Coucou. 7/10

Characters: LACK OF CHARACTERS. I hated that I only have George, the Jamaican, and CouCou to talk too. It was difficult progressing through the game. 5/10

Favorite Part: I had quite a few favorite parts so I can't narrow it down to one. 8/10

Least Favorite Part: The keyhole puzzle. 3/10

Favorite Characters: George and CouCou! 10/10

Least Favorite Character: The Jamaican. 3/10

Overall, GREAT GAME! 9/10 Plot was a little dry and it's definitely a harder game to proceed through. I only played on Junior level and I found myself coming back to the messages boards here to get some help as a lot was quite confusing. For the 1st time playing it, it was a lot of fun! Definitely recommend it to someone looking for a challenge!

Well, onto the next mystery!