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The So-Glad-I-Bought-This-Game-On-Amazon-Store-Credit RAN Review

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  • The So-Glad-I-Bought-This-Game-On-Amazon-Store-Credit RAN Review

    I have been playing ND Games since I was in the third grade and my bff gave me MHM for my birthday. I've frequented the message boards for years to read reviews and get tips, but I've never made myself an actual account until now. I finally played RAN for the first time (I know I'm really late to the scene), and it was SO TERRIBLE, that I HAD to register and get my thoughts out there.

    1) Nancy's reaction to Bess missing is so unrealistic and apathetic. She isn't frantic and angry like she is in FIN when Maya disappears. The happy, marimba-based island music does little to add to the suspense. The whole attitude of the game felt off.

    2) There are only 3 NPCs!! One of them is a bird and another is George! There is only one suspect the entire game! How did anyone think that was a good idea? One of the things I love about Nancy is her relentless need to snoop in the private lives of the suspects. The social interaction was totally missing in this game.

    3) Transportation was tedious and seemed to take up half of my playing time. I felt like I was always driving, steering the boat, or dragging Nancy's poorly animated body up a cliff.

    4) The Monkey games were long and frustrating and mostly won by chance, which means you have to play them over and over again to win.

    5) In general the puzzles were challenging, but not in a fun or exciting way. It was more of a I'm not sure what exactly I'm supposed to be doing and this is incredibly frustrating kind of way. Non enough direction was given and the only hints you get are from the bird.

    6) I hope I'm not breaking any spoiler rules when I say that the ending was the only redeeming quality of this game. I actually shouted out loud after the big reveal. It was totally unexpected (and yet somehow, completely expected)!

    Overall, this game is a dud with a poor storyline and frustrating, tedious tasks. As a hardcore ND fan, I still think everyone should play it (if only for the crazy ending)... but try to get it on sale. :)

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    Great review! I finished replaying this game today and I agree with everything you said. The atmosphere I agree on a lot -- the upbeat music really doesn't fit with what should be a pretty tense situation.

    I, too, think the ending is pretty much the only good thing about this game. Even then, it's not perfect, but it's certainly the most interesting part.
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    Hope everyone's having a great summer!


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      This game was so odd... My first play-through was a complete nightmare. The ending was worth the wait, though. Since then, I have played it one or two more times - each play-through is a tad more enjoyable than the one before.
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