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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I really liked this game. The puzzles at times were a tad frustrating, but they weren't too bad.

    I gave it a 1O.

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      I really loved the graphics and most of the puzzles were pretty cool. I also liked the ending because it really surprized me and monkeys were totally awesome.


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        I give it a 7.

        Yeah, it's a great game, but the culprit part really bummed me out, because...well...if you finish the games in order it may not bug you but I didn't so it kind of spoiled one of the games for me, since I started playing one of the games but haven't finished it yet.

        10-2=8 so far this is my score.

        Also, it reminded me a lot of CRE with the whole island-plot thing. I think what I like about the games is that they are different. It's a totally different scenario, but still, sort of alike.

        8-1=7. This is how I came up with my score.

        However, this is still a game worth playing because it's definitely one of the more challenging ND games, and I was on Junior level!


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          I gave it a seven.
          It was good but not... Spooky.
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            i totally hated RAN. in my opinion it was the worst of all the nancy drew games. the only parts i liked were playing with the monkeys, the things it said when i died, the bloopers, and the endingg. ughh, i am soo disappointed! but Warnings of Waverly Academy sounds oober awesomee! (:


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              I gave it a 8. It was a pretty good game. Not my fave but not my least fave. There were some things that I didn't like, and that was the reason I didn't give it a 9 or 10.

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                I gave it a 9. I actually really liked this one. I enjoyed all the puzzles & the ending was really good!
                But I did not like the third person, especially when the island was so big.
                But I still think it was one of the better ND games.
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                  I gave an 8. Even though it is not the best, it is a step up from the previous games. There were not enough people. The culprit was clever though. Over all an ok game.
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                    a 5 or 6. it really wasn't great. it was more frustrating than fun. not a lot of people to talk to, treasure...AGAIN..time for a new concept HER. it's getting repetitive.


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                      I loved it. I would give it a 9.5, except the rating system doesn't
                      do halves. So I gave it a nine.


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                        I was pretty disappointed. My verdict on HER is this: lazy! This game was clearly rushed and they slacked in a lot of areas-graphics, exploring, snooping, plot, characters, tying the whole story in, etc etc, not a very good game.
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                          Here is a link to my review (spoiler-free)

                          I gave RAN a 7 and felt that the puzzles saved the game from being a total disaster.
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                            I gave it a 6/10

                            I really didn't like this game, the main reason is due to the lack of suspects, and lack of interaction with other characters. Also, I thought for game 20, her interactive would switch things up a little more than they did, and make the game a lot less predictable. The games were tedious, and maybe I'm just not that good at puzzles, but a couple of them, I couldn't figure out, and even after I got the spoiler, I have no idea how they got them. All in all, it wasn't the worst game, but I was definately disappointed after waiting this long.


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                              I gave it a 7. The graphics were amazing, the island was awesome, but the lack of suspects? There could have been more... Also, I didn't like how you were almost always in 3rd person. I loved the puzzles, but I have never had to get so many spoilers.
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                                I gave this game a 5. I was very disappointed after waiting for so long.

                                The lack of suspects
                                It seemd shorter than the rest, I think I spent more time asking for help than actually playing

                                The traveling on the sailboat was hard to find locations which caused me to get dizzy.

                                hardly any locations.... nothing that really suprised me.

                                out of all games this and Kapu Cave go on the bottom.