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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I liked it! 8

    :I really liked RAN! I gave it an 8 because the landscape was not Bahamaish, it looked like a regular beach but when you were on the boat, the ocean looked tropical. Also, when you drived around, the landscape was very umm Aruba like, not Bahama like. I also did not like that there were only 3 characters. It was obvious it was fhsjkzf. Next time, more characters.

    What I did like about RAN, is that there were perfect amount of puzzles and perfect amount of difficulty! I also loved how they mixed some nd games together! Like how you can drive (like in old clock), be on a beach (like on Kapu Cave), and more!
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      I gave it a 4. I needed help more than I actually enjoyed the game. I thought the monkeys were pointless and so was the bird. But I did think the culprit was good. Not expected. I usually learn something new in these games, history etc.. but I didnt think anything went together. I was confused the whole game. I still love HER games, but not this one.


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        Bravo! Encore!

        I must say, this is the first game in a long time that I've been completely delighted with! I did not pre-order, nor did I follow the development of the game closely, and didn't give myself any expectations for the game and I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised!

        The graphics were spectacular, the plot was wonderful, and even the villian/ending was so original I couldn't stop smiling and thinking "That is so awesome!" through the whole ending sequence. The puzzles were hard enough to be challenging, but not so difficult that I wanted to tear my hair out. While there were not so many characters, it was nice to not have to bother with suspects and spend more time exploring and sailing. It's nice to see that HER has come through with an original game, which I think, in my own opinion, is really the first truly phenomenal game (beside HAU) since CUR.

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          I voted 8, I found the game really enjoyable and there were many tasks and puzzles that had me stumped.
          The ending was spoiled for me which made it a little less fun to play but still I look forward to playing it again.


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            M O N K E Y 'N A R O U N D [ A RAN review by Sparkledetectiv]
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              I gave it a 9. I thought the puzzles were too hard for young kids to get. The music could have been more varied. Also, without a strategy guide, I now have a major headache! However, I thought the story line was pretty good, and with the help of you all, I did solve the mystery. I can't wait for the Waverly Academy one. That sounds like fun.
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                I gave it a 9

                I liked it overall but there were a couple of things I could have done with out.

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                  It was a very fun game. I did get stuck on a few things, but I still love the game.


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                    I haven't finished the game-yes I know I'm still giving it a rating-but it's totally awesome! My favorite one yet!

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                      I gave it an 8. I thought things were a bit repetitive from previous games, but it was a pretty good mystery all the same.


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                        I gave it a 6/10. The parts of the game I enjoyed the most were the puzzles which for once were really challenging as well as varied. So good job there!

                        However, what usually sets the Nancy Drew games apart from other adventure and puzzle games, for me, is the mystery plot, the snooping, Nancy's interaction and questioning of other characters, and the discovery of clues that build upon the story and leads the gameplayer towards a final climax and solution to the whodunnit. I felt that was all sadly lacking in this particular game. The whodunnit revelation came out of nowhere for me.

                        Also, the driving aspect didn't add much to the game for me, and felt redundant after the first couple of trips back and forth. It made me wish for the map system in the previous games, that allowed Nancy to just jump from location to location. I felt like the driving was only put in RAN to stretch the game out more and take up time. It was busy work, and most of the time while I was playing RAN I wished for a way to skip through the driving parts so I could get on with the game.

                        So, in my opinion, this was a very nice puzzle game that took place in a very pretty setting, but it has nothing that makes it stand out from other puzzle/adventure games on the market.


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                          I gave it a 6. I got discouraged by the puzzles at the end and I missed talking to a few new people.
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                            I gave it a 7. I liked the game (just like all the others) but the puzzles were a LOT harder. I had to get a hint for nearly everyone. I still enjoyed it, but I hope the puzzles aren't as hard next time. Also, I wanted there to be more characters but oh well. But HER team, I LOVED the ending! When you figured out who the enemy was, wow very sneaky. Good job!!
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                            I've unmasked the Danger of Design
                            I've witnessed the Creature of Kapu Cave
                            I've become acquainted with the White Wolf of Icicle Creek
                            I've unearthed the Legend of the Crystal Skull
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                              5. This game had a GREAT plot but was executed poorly. Not enough characters and way too much third-person. MUCH better than HAU though.

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                                Honestly this was my LEAST favorite game! Too much 3rd person, puzzles were literally too-hard, and suspects were lame.
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