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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    Bess looked kind of!


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      It took me just a few hours to finish the game. Much too less for a real Nancy! The puzzles were not too difficult (I only used a hint in 2 occasions). The most disappointing was the end: one lucky guess at the final puzzle and without any puzzling the game ended.
      But I don't let my negative reaction stop you from playing it. In the end it's a real Nancy Drew!
      Can't wait for the Waverly Academy!


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        I gave it an 8. It was OK.



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          A three for me.

          I gave it a three compared to other ND games. It was slow,boring, and difficult. The hourglass game was horrid. I loved that HER stayed true to Nancy games by putting a TON of stuff we would recognize from other games. That is my favorite thing. That is the only reason it did not get a zero. NO MORE MINI NANCY! I play ND games not Pac-Man!


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            Long time fan but no more

            I have done all the ND games from the beginning, and always look forward to the new ones. But this one I am stopping in the middle and never starting it up again. It has been very frustrating, and I have been spoiled by the latest games that are so user friendly. Example: Once you have driven all over the island, the other games would offer a map so you could go to the spots directly.

            I am not good with arcade games, which is why I like the mystery games, and to not be able to "skip" a game like the monkey throwing coconuts is too much. I even went from Senior Detective down to JR just to make it easier and it was still very difficult. Almost quit there, and should have, but didn't.

            I have never used a walkthrough so much as I have with this game, and that spoils the whole reason I do mystery games. Thank goodness the walkthrough suggested I print screen and work outside the game when I was trying to open the chest at the shipwreck because otherwise I could never have done the puzzle in the small amount of time I was given before the air ran out. Even then I only had a small amount left to get back to the boat.

            When I could only take one piece of driftwood at a time to the parrot for his acceptance/rejection, driving back and forth beach to beach, that's what finally did it for me. Such a simple little task made extremely frustrating. I used to think putting together meals over and over and over was boring and frustrating, but this was just too much.

            I will think twice about picking up the next game - probably will wait for the reviews.


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              i thought some of these puzzles were extrememly hard, sure did miss alling for a hint!! i rate a 4.


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                I thought some of the puzzles were pretty hard and I really want more characters it is fun to guess who it will be but otherwise I thought this game was really good! But not as good as HAU

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                  I gave it a 7.
                  I'd give a full list of pros and cons and whatnot, but I already did that in my reveiw.
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                    The game was WAY too hard. Lay off the puzzles, HER.
                    I needed help on almost every puzzle.
                    I loved George. Bess looked plain wierd. Johnny was ok.
                    Please make Bess look prettier!
                    There needs to be more character interaction.
                    I was always wanting to talk to Johnny and George.
                    But, they said nothing!
                    There needs to be MORE exploring!!! I barely got to explore anything! HER, add more places to look at!
                    And WAY LESS third hand views! Everything was third hand.
                    HER, just make the games like older games.
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                      Unfortunately, this was the worst ND game I've ever played—and I've played them all. There was no real mystery—we were stuck doing puzzles and tasks the whole time, and the game just seemed to drag on and on. The ending's concept was incredibly creative, but not very well thought-out. I have high hopes for the next game!


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                        I guess I'd give it a seven.

                        The puzzles were good. The character interaction was . . . okay.

                        The all animals were loads of fun and the graphics were beautiful. It was all very bright and colorful. But I didn't like the way George looked one bit.

                        I did not like the third person aspect at all. I miss the games being in first person all the time.
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                          i love nancy games, but not this one.

                          It was too difficult. I hate going to the hint board but had to 4 times. Please make them less difficult- thanks
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                          picked on of the 7 ships
                          Been scared at Castle Malloy
                          Been frightened by the Phantom of Venice
                          Pet the white wolf
                          Climbed to Kapu Cave
                          Wound the old clock
                          Sea dove on deception Island
                          Rode the carolsel
                          Saw the red hand
                          Fund treasure in the Roal Tower
                          Wrote a message in a haunted castle
                          Tuned into danger
                          Known secrets can kill


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                            I gave it a 10. I loved this game a lot, my second fave.
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                              8 :]

                              i rated the game an eight. i liked it, but there were a lack of characters and you automatically knew who the culprit was...sort of. it was a good game, but some parts bugged me.
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                                My opinion.

                                It was the worst ND game. I was bored. The plot was unoriginal. There was NO seluthing. The characters were flat and dull. Nancy looked like Gollum from the movie Lord of the Rings. She wasn't a real person. I didn't know her. It was an arcade game. I hated walking around in 3rd person. In other ND games, I actually enjoyed getting lost because there was too MUCH to explore. Now, you just jump into a little golf cart and have to navigate around little trees to a place where you turn back into a Gollum/Nancy. The ending was disappointingly unsuspensful, the bad person was unexpected, but very lame.
                                Nancy Drew has gone down very much in my esteem.


                                P.S. Sorry if this sounds negitive. It's just how I feel.
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