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  • --->->->Jen's Spoiler-Free RAN Review

    --------->>>> My Ransom of the Seven Ships Review

    And so the 20th Nancy Drew game had come out and a number of us have
    finished it already. I've never done a review before, but I had some things to
    say about Ransom of the Seven Ships.
    ----->The Plot --> 7/10
    As Nancy Drew's best friend Bess is kdnapped on a tropical paradise vacation,
    Nancy sets on a quest to find her with the help of her other friend George Fanye.
    While it was fun, it lacked some of the scary essence the other games have had.
    It didn't really have the {POP!} most of the other games had.
    -----> Animation & Graphics --> 9/10
    This game had the best graphics yet in the Nancy Drew games. The characters
    were beautifully crafted and actually looked real. George reacted to everything
    you say and moved around in her place, which is new to HeR games. *removed*
    The point off is for all the 3rd person view of the game. The golf cart and sailing
    were understandable so you could see where you were going, but between the climbing
    and scuba diving, there wasn't enough of the original Nancy where we
    click our way through the game.
    -----> Puzzles --> 8.5/10
    RAN's puzzles were what Nancy Drew is all about: thinking. These puzzles
    challenged me much more then the last few games have. The last puzzle particularly
    made you use your brain. Some of them were really swift in doing them, but
    some were just right.
    -----> Length --> 9/10

    RAN's length was the perfect amount of gameplay. It was as long as most games,
    although it was so good it felt longer because of the puzzles. Experienced players
    take a few days, like me, but even if you're not it's the perfect length.
    -----> Reveal Scene --> 10/10

    Can you say WOW??? Never have I played a game, Nancy Drew or not, that
    ever had that kind of a surprise ending. Whoever in HeR thought of that is a
    pure genius!! It was a cliffy though, maybe in another 18 games we'll find out.
    -----> Overall --> 8/10

    Ransom of the Seven Ships was a wonderful game, but in my opinion not
    the best of Nancy Drew. It was close though, and I will certainly play again
    and enjoy every minute of it just like the first time.

    Your review has been edited for spoiler information. Please be careful not to reveal any spoilers in a game review.
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    I agree with your AE. I am also glad that you liked the game and didn't totally be rude to the game. LOL. Anyway I just wanted to say that it was a great review and I rate you 5 stars! Totally do another one!! -Delancey
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      Originally posted by jenny.872 View Post
      While it was fun, it lacked some of the scary essence the other games have had. It didn't really have the {POP!} most of the other games had.
      I totally agree. It needed something. Although I luv puzzles, it did rather feel more like a puzzle game than a mystery. Sure, Nancy was supposed to find the treasure and rescue Bess. But there wasn't enough attention to Bess, IMO. It was as if Nancy succumbed to the kidnappers and went to find the treasure, with Bess as a sideline. Because of Nancy's focus on the treasure, rather than finding Bess, it lacked suspense. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game. I really appreciate it! ~Jas~
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