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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

    Come rate this game for us and give us your overall opinion. We want to know. You can make your vote and then either post and explain why you rated it as you did (without game event or culprit name/gender spoilers). OR just provide us with a link to a past review you may have written. This is meant to be helpful to all those gamers who may not have played this game yet and come here to find out what we thought of it. So keep that in mind when posting please. Thank you!!
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    I voted 8/10 I thought the game was great overall and a solid addition to the Series, maybe too puzzle based thats why I didn't give it a 9 or 10 but a step in the right direction.


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      I voted 8/10 because I loved the game overall, but I wished the characters were a bit more in depth and there were more places to explore. Otherwise, great addition!


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        Here is a link to my review for the game where I go a little more in-depth about my impressions. I'll try to summarize them here. Overall I thought this was an enjoyable game to play. The graphics were amazing, making the characters and scenery feel really lifelike.

        Negatives included a lack of snooping. There were many areas I felt I should be able to explore and objects I thought I should be able to at least look at, but there were many scenes (the lighthouse in particular is what struck me) where it seemed to only serve as a backdrop instead of an actual area where I could explore.

        It also felt more like a strict puzzle game to me rather than a traditional Nancy Drew game. There were a lot of number puzzles to the point where it felt repetitive and like an advertisement for math, and to me it lacked a lot of involved tasks. For example, at one point you have to fix an electrical instrument in order to get information out of a character. Instead of needing to go around and collect parts or anything that would have something to do with fixing an electrical item, there was a number puzzle. Nancy even remarks on this. This disappointed me because it lacked variety. However, the puzzles were at a perfect difficulty level for me.

        Finally, I've seen a lot of people getting upset about the Ned and Nancy situation in the game. I actually found their storyline refreshing. I could really relate to their long-distance relationship troubles, and I felt that it was completely appropriate and about time for this kind of conversation to happen. It brought a new facet to the game, so Nancy not only had to worry about what was going on in Iceland, but also at home. Burt was also a great addition to the cast of phone characters, and I hope that we will hear from him in future games.

        I rated this game a 7. I enjoyed playing it, but there is much that could be improved. I think that it is a step in the right direction, but there is a lot that could be further developed.
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          Loved playing it - gave it a 9

          This is the first game I've pre-ordered and played within a day of its availability. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The character animation is practically on the level of a Disney movie -- I've always admired how HeR could give you a sense of a real person with distinct mannerisms etc. but in previous games they all had skinny arms or something else that distracted me. These were amazing! There was one moment when Dagny looked to the side during a conversation and the color reflecting from her eyes changed.

          I also appreciated the change in the way they made ending conversations much more natural & smooth! No more chirpy 'Bye now' after someone has just threatened Nancy with mayhem!

          The ambience of the whole area was also completely immersive -- I think I'll plan on re-playing it in August on a day when my air conditioning is struggling. I loved the snow, the lights (in the sky & the holiday decorations), the pub, the sea, etc. It all seemed completely realistic.

          The puzzles: I enjoyed them, and thought there was a good mix. Sudoku in a couple of incarnations, a find the differences with an absolutely gorgeous wood carving, a musical puzzle (though I had to resort to the strategy guide for that one -- and even after I had the cheat, I couldn't figure out the logic behind the placement). I see that others have thought that there were too many number puzzles. I liked them, but they did seem to occur in a cluster.

          I appreciated that there were two ways to earn money -- because one of them was way too frustrating for me. And, I always really like the educational stuff.

          Loved the music.

          The only con for me was one of the written journals -- I found it completely unbelievable and jarring. Obviously tremendous effort and talent went into the visual aspects to make them realistic, true to area, & beautiful, so it was disappointing to find a written, verbal element that seemed to me as if someone thought it needed nothing but 'throw some verbiage together.'


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            Great Game!

            I was very pleased when I finished the game for several reasons.
            I liked the animation and conversation between the characters. The conversations seemed to flow a lot better compared to previous installments in the series. I enjoyed most of the puzzles, but felt as if there were a little too many of them. The number of puzzles that it had made it feel like it wasn't a Nancy Drew game. The number puzzles were a bit overwhelming, too-- I had to consult the strategy guide for two of them. The storyline was interesting as well as the setting. Thank you HeR for another great game! I rated this a 9
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              Such a great game!

              I really enjoyed this game. The quality of the characters, the story line, the depth of color and detail in the characters and scenery was so much more developed. I played it with my ***age removed*** son. We loved the puzzles and really enjoyed figuring out what to do. We kind of liked that the instructions were a little nebulous, but gave you enough information to try to work it through. We like that the designers allowed us to learn by trial and error and to develop the ability to learn to think through the problem. It makes the solving so much more satisfying. Love that.

              My son and I have been reading through the Nancy Drew books recently and have a picture of Nancy as she was developed in the stories quite fresh in our minds. I think by staying close to the original clean and unpolluted character of the books this game series will always have a large following of people who are looking for that kind of game. They are rare and hard to find for older children and adults. One of the things that sets this series of games apart and above others for us is that there are real goals to accomplish, puzzles to solve, a story to hear, history, science, folklore, language, cultural facts, and more to learn. We learned so many new words! What a great idea to get paid to learn language in a game! Brilliant! We also loved the random trivia about Iceland in the game. Learning about how the people of Iceland are named was fascinating.

              One thing we appreciated about this game was a return to Nancy's courteous behavior to the other people in the game, even when they were rude to her; and some in this game were overtly rude. We hope that will continue in future installments.

              Overall, Sea of Darkness was a pleasant surprise which will probably swim to the top with our other favorite Nancy Drew games, certainly of the recent ones.
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                Great Game!

                I always get the BONUS edition because it adds a little bit more challenge with the charms. Also, I get the game before anyone else!

                What I enjoy about this latest game is the CONTENT is RICH with character, back story and environment. I learn so much playing Nancy Drew games! We get to learn another language that maybe only a million people may speak! That is COOL! Ha! Also, we get an understanding of another culture and how people make a living sailing. We get to learn all about sailing ship's design, parts and capabilities. The game makes history come alive! The character interactivity was JUST PERFECT. Talking to the characters was not too long or short.
                The pacing was perfect. The puzzles are not too difficult even in the master sleuth. Ned makes an appearance that is truly a heart WARMING one. We need more games like this in the world.

                Originally posted by hedgie View Post
                Come rate this game for us and give us your overall opinion. We want to know. You can make your vote and then either post and explain why you rated it as you did (without game event or culprit name/gender spoilers). OR just provide us with a link to a past review you may have written. This is meant to be helpful to all those gamers who may not have played this game yet and come here to find out what we thought of it. So keep that in mind when posting please. Thank you!!


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                  Surprised to see so many 9s and 10s lol, I think a 10/10 should be a faultless game not sure if SEA is that game, I think people get a bit excited when a New game comes out, ask people the same question in 12 months time and probably most people would say 7/8 out of ten.


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                    Loved the variety

                    I loved playing this game mostly because of the mystery, puzzles, MUSIC and the variety of places to snoop and explore! Would have been nice to have more than 2 people to phone but I guess that might have been a bit expensive for Nancy. The food prep game was a real puzzler for me until I found a secret tip to success on another website. If you want to know what that is, please send me an email and I'll share it with you if that is ok to do. It's a fast way to earn money to buy souvenirs. The game in the bar was a great way to learn a new language.

                    I enjoyed the humor and the never ending connection to Sonny boy Joon. The graphics and characters were superb and at times funny (my friend old Gunnar especially).

                    I hope you all enjoy playing and I'm curious to know who will be the new Nancy voice at the next game. Thanks Lani for all the fun times! You did a superb job!

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                      I give it a 7. Good game, not without it's faults.


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                        This is the very interesting game with good story and mini-games, but the music
                        I love the music by Kevin Manthei or music in the style of Kevin. This music doesn't distract from the game and doesn't interfere to think. This music has been very successful.
                        Unfortunately, in this game, I constantly heard boom-boom-boom.

                        So - only 8.
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                          I gave this game a 9. I loved it so much!!! The Characters were awesome, the music was awesome, the plot was awesome. So I guess in the end Everything is awesome! :) I think I played the game to fast though, I finished it in one week. That's why I gave it a 9. Great job HER


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                            I like this game, but I don't love it

                            I LOVE Nancy Drew games and books. I have read all of the Nancy Drew books, and played all 32 of the games. I like this game. There is nothing major to complain about. But I don't love it. I concur with the opinions of so many others that there were too many puzzles, and not enough sleuthing. There were several places where I really wanted to explore, but it was never an option to do so. I really wish that more of the town was available for exploration. Even if there wasn't a part of the mystery in each location, maybe she could eat there, or buy souvenirs there, or something. I would also have enjoyed a bit more danger and interaction associated with the characters. Less background dialogue, more interrogation and interactive behavior.

                            So, overall a good game, but White Wolf of Icicle Creek will continue to be my uncontested favorite.


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                              Rated an 8
                              --Graphics were stunning!
                              --Too many puzzles, though
                              --Music was atmospheric and great until you got to certain places and then it changed (more upbeat) and didn't match; I'd have preferred all of the music to stay melancholy-ish