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    I loved all the puzzles -- they were all relevant to the plot of the mystery, and each was challenging in its own way. The characters were well-rounded and diverse, and the plot was paced well -- there were only a few instances where I found myself wandering around trying to figure out what to do next. Overall, this is definitely my favorite of the last ten games, although my heart will always belong to Danger on Deception Island.
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      Little Disappointed

      I seemed to enjoy the game at first but became quite bored with it.....I did have the bonus edition which actually was more fun to me than the game. Overall I felt there were too many of the same type of puzzles, and I prefer some of the older games where there are actually more items to find. When I went to all the area's in this game I felt let down because there wasn't anything to find.
      The only "in-game" game that I liked was inside the Misty Skip (spelling?) where you learn Icelandic words and match them to the correct meaning/word. And for the life of me I couldn't figure out the game in the Kitchen where you had to fill the orders (Grrrrr!). I also dislike the number puzzles, seems there are way too many of them. I prefer to learn real information about the area the game is about, this makes it more interesting and keeps my attention better than number puzzles.
      Overall this game was Ok to me. I was disappointed with SOD for many reasons, but it is only my opinion. When I started playing ND games years ago I loved the fact that it was such a clean, fun game. I hope HeR continues with that integrity.


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        Originally posted by cknapp View Post
        I LOVE Nancy Drew games and books. I have read all of the Nancy Drew books, and played all 32 of the games. I like this game. There is nothing major to complain about. But I don't love it. I concur with the opinions of so many others that there were too many puzzles, and not enough sleuthing. There were several places where I really wanted to explore, but it was never an option to do so. I really wish that more of the town was available for exploration. Even if there wasn't a part of the mystery in each location, maybe she could eat there, or buy souvenirs there, or something. I would also have enjoyed a bit more danger and interaction associated with the characters. Less background dialogue, more interrogation and interactive behavior.

        So, overall a good game, but White Wolf of Icicle Creek will continue to be my uncontested favorite.
        I agree with you about not having enough action and the need to have more places to explore. I also agree with you that WWOIC is one of HER's best.


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          Enjoyable, Fun, but Low Difficulty Game

          Overall, I really liked this game, and would give it an 8/10! I would say get it, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

          Firstly, I would say the setting/graphics were a 10/10 - really beautiful and loved the whole feeling of the game in comparison to recent games. Plot-line and characters was a 9/10, because I thought the conversations were relevant and engaging, and actually made me want to know more (Although thats also because I hated MED, and wasn't the biggest fan LIE). The characters were also great, and didn't annoy me. Liked learning about all the characters (and, as I'm sure you've heard already from others: loved the same *gender* couple, and the way they treated it like a normal relationship! This is how it should be - natural and understated, not there to make a political point, but just to include all kinds of people!). In addition, I always like when games include lots of interesting information the learn and whatnot, so that was great too!

          I enjoyed the sass that the characters had in the conversations. I almost laughed out loud when Nancy's "I'm not sure this is how electricity works", when she had to fix the heating lamp using a puzzle. They've never really done that before in games, kind of crossing that fourth wall barrier, and loved all these moments.

          As well, I would definitely say it was at an easier difficulty level than other games - I finished this game in 2 days (and I only play a couple hours a day, so probably 10ish hours), when usually I take at least a couple of days, even weeks if I'm taking my time and don't use hints.

          The puzzles were also different than other games - as other people have said, they were definitely more math/solving rather than knowledge oriented, and using clues to solve the puzzles. So basically when you found a puzzle, you could pretty much solve it right away. Nice in some ways, as I personally love games like this (I always loved sudoku and knowledge puzzles), however, don't know if they necessarily fit in the context of the game. This definitely made it more of a casual, fun play rather than a really hard thinking kind of game. I would give puzzles 7/10.

          Overall, if you haven't been the biggest fan of recent ND games, get this game, and you will be pleasantly surprised! It's not perfect, but a great addition to the series
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            I'm aware this isn't the thread to post this in, but I found this game bittersweet because of Lani. It was a great game in my opinion, mostly because I love just about all of the games, but I do feel as though this was an improvement from a few in the last ten or so. There were a LOT of puzzles which was a bit tedious, but the graphics and setting were beautiful.

            I loved all of the characters, even Tumi and Alex :) I do think Her did a great job with the backstories for them all, some really pulled at my heartstrings. I personally would give this an 8.5/10. An eight for plot line, (a little too puzzle-filled) and a nine for characters and graphics.

            Although it'll never live up to WAC for me personally, it was a great game I would recommend for new players to get a sense of the puzzles.

            Lani will be deeply missed <3

            Thank you again Her!
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              Could Have Gone Further

              My overall opinion of the game is a positive one, where the story was touching and I was able to connect to the characters both main and supporting, but I do feel that something was missing. Or rather, there could have been a richer development of the main areas. I understand that the "active" areas of the game are to keep the player on track and are what's relevant to the story but I believe that it was a bit too restricting and really at some points I felt "lead" through the game. I'd rather figure it out myself.

              If I had the talent that the game designers have, I'd have created more active spaces and not have all those beautiful buildings be there just for show, I would have created within those spaces, a bit more interactivity even it if it was just for easter egg hunting or charm discover or even finding money. After reaching a certain point in the game new areas would have become active for play. Just my opin.

              As for the interaction between Nancy and the other characters, I enjoyed the changes and felt they were more efficient so good on that, for the most part. Loved that there was a little more sass within the interaction between characters. BTW, was Ned a little more boring than usual? Just asking? No offense but Ned could use a bit more sass. Nancy is an exciting woman who enjoys adventure, I can't imagine how she gets any fulfillment out of a conversation with Ned. He's smart and thoughtful but wow is he boring, in this game at least.

              So, over all out of 10, Sea of Darkness gets a 8.5. Even with all my harsh criticisms that game was amazing and the graphics can be compared to any PS3 game around.

              P.S. I feel like with every game the ending is a bit abrupt, the letter to Hannah or whoever is a nice wrap-up but sometimes it's nice to actually witness the farewell. Again, just my opin.

              Anyone else share some of these observations? All comments welcome, except for spoilers. LOL


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                My game review is on amazon ***PI removed*** I voted a 6 in the poll, could have been better...
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                  SEA Review!!!!

                  When I first saw the trailer for SEA, I thought it was going to be an okay game by HER. But,...I ended up really liking it. I rate this game an 8/10. So the reason this is an eight from me is because I wanted to explore more and know more about the history with Iceland, the ship, the captains, and the mystery of the ship and treasure. We found out at the end about the treasure and the history of it, but I almost wanted more. The puzzles were great in this game! I really enjoyed playing through them. The characters were excellent. Each had a story, a look, and a history. However, I wish we could have talked to them more instead of "I need space." I wish there were more phone contacts too. Ned was awesome as always and the fact HER made them say something special or the other option was fun. I liked going through the caves, but there could have been more hints and possible carvings in the ice ***game ending details removed*** Also, I loved the fact that Sonny had been in Iceland and he wrote another fun notebook to read. However, I wish there could of been more notes to find from Sonny.

                  With all the games, I wish there could be more possible ways for the story to end. Different ways for it to end. I am very excited for the new game and Nancy's new voice!!!! Lani will be missed, but it is time for a new voice. Thank you HER!
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                    What we loved the most...

                    1. The graphics were better than any of the other games, more depth, beautiful color, incredible detail (LOVE the skys!!!).

                    2. The character personalities had much more depth, we actually found out how their past affected their attitudes. This gave us a chance to really care, or dislike, etc... Love the shift in the dialogue between Nancy and Ned...would like to see more of that!!

                    3. The puzzles were really good and seemed to progressively increase in difficulty, which we loved. There were also plenty of puzzles (there can NEVER be too many puzzles!!). Some puzzle types we'd never seen before.

                    4. There was just the right amount of history regarding Skiprot, local flavor (language, vocab, accents), but not so much that it got laborious or boring.

                    However, we did get through it too quickly (barely 3 days).
                    Also, not enough "in telephone" hints from other people we could call. We hate having to use the "hint" thing (feel guilty) so would rather get the help from other in-game characters.

                    CAN'T WAIT TIL THE NEXT!!!!! MORE NANCY DREW!!! WOOHOO!!!

                    **Yes, loved the hint of a same-*gender* relationship, though it was very subtle, but proud of HER for stepping up to the plate for equality in story telling!

                    **OUR OTHER FAVORITE GAMES:
                    Crystal Skull (rainy graveyard, lots of locations, eyeballs YES!!)
                    Danger by Design (shopping in Paris!!)
                    Blackmoor Manor (ghosts in the wall and moving rooms YES!!)
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                      I loved the game as a whole! The picture was beautiful, and very colorful. The character's were artistically done well too. Every puzzle that I solved just made me want to solve another! When the game draw to a close, I was a little upset that it was almost over. I had a hard time latching on to the character's personality. I cringed whenever I had to converse with pretty much everyone, besides Ned of course. But I can say that the voice actors did a very good job portraying those characters. Over all I really liked the game and the concept. It was refreshing. :)

                      I cannot wait until the next game comes out!


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                        Had it not been puzzle after puzzle I would have given this game a solid ten, but it was still great nonetheless because of all the suspense so I gave it a 9!
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                          What a fantastic game! This is definitely one of my favorites! If I had to pick a word to describe it I'd go with FUN!

                          I tend to be one of those players who gets hopelessly stuck and then wanders around endlessly talking to all the characters in hopes of a hint, until they stop talking to me. So for me the many logic puzzles were a definite plus. It kept the game flowing nicely and made the game experience just a lot of fun.

                          The character stories were also really good. They were the usual ND bunch: a mix of miserly jerks and quirky weirdo's. But all of them had a nice depth to them. I really appreciated the little Dagny/Alicia story line and I was screaming at my screen during Ned's call! I'm not particularly invested in Nancy's romantic life, but this was a great twist! I haven't been that shocked/conflicted since the optional endings in GOTH!

                          There were some great spooky sound effects and I loved the sailor song. I also loved the language game. Finally something I'm good at! ;)

                          I gave it a ten, because I found it wholly entertaining!


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                            A much better game then the previous two! I have been playing these games since I was a kid, and after the last two I was wondering if I should anymore. This game has given me a reason to keep playing. It was more like the older games that we all know and love. The plot was much better, it reminded me a bit of Danger on Deception Island. The graphics were beautiful, and the setting was amazing. The ship was breathtaking, the town looked beautiful, and I liked the locations out of town as well. I just wish you could have done more snooping overall, the things you could look at, especially in the town and the locations outside of town were a bit limited.

                            One addition that really improved gameplay was that the directions for puzzles were put into your notebook in blue. In the past, Nancy says them once and it can be easy to miss or forget, especially if you stop playing and then come back to it. I really liked the puzzles, I thought the difficultly level was right where it should be. The only one I didn't like was the food one, I could only figure out a few of them. There were some of them that just seemed impossible. From looking on the board it seems like a lot of people feel the same way. I'm just glad that it was only a money making puzzle. I really liked the vocabulary money making puzzle however. The in game hints have been around for a few games now, and some of them are really helpful, and some of them give you the answer too quickly. For example, there was a puzzle that had you putting together compound words. I was having some trouble because I was misinterpreting what some of the symbols meant, when I did the hints, I was shocked to see that none of the hints was giving what the symbols stood for, ever some of the symbols that were a bit ambiguous. It gave one or two hints which I found very unhelpful, and then offered the solution. It would be helpful if there were more hints before the solution.

                            Overall I like this direction the series is going in, I didn't like the last two games at all. The next game looks interesting too, can't wait to play it!
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                              I rated this game a 7.

                              I liked SEA overall. Why? I simply enjoyed playing it, even with all of the puzzles. There was almost nothing about this game that stood out to me in terms of gameplay/plot. In fact, there were many elements that reminded me of past games, some of which the writing acknowledged. Familiarity is to be expected. This is the 32nd game in the series, after all. I liked the writing, though I did not like it more or less than previous recent games. The choices in conversations were appreciated.

                              The one new puzzle that I remember particularly enjoying was one where you combine colors to make white. Unfortunately, I became very frustrated with another puzzle, so much so that I ended up getting a spoiler because I simply wasn't interested in solving it on my own anymore. That is rare for me these days.

                              Even though there were many elements of the game that felt old hat, it was incredibly refreshing to see that Her included LGBT representation. It is an important step that I honestly thought HER would never take, and I am absolutely delighted to have been proven wrong.
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                                SEA gets an 8/10

                                I've waited until I played the game twice through, with some time between plays, before posting a review. Mostly because, when I get a new game, I am so excited that I speed through it and by the time I get to the end, I'm just overwhelmed by everything I've taken in. That said, after playing this game twice, I am VERY impressed.

                                First, I would like to say that the characters in this game are wonderful. The people that are from Skipbrot are very connected to their town, which is a very realistic character trait. All of the characters were very well-rounded, but I think what I liked most was that as the game progressed and Nancy learned more, or gained their trust, or lost their trust, the characters would change how they would talk to her.

                                Second, we have control over how Nancy responds once again!! Remember back in the old games when someone would ask Nancy a question or make a comment, and as the player you could choose to respond diplomatically and kindly, or snarkily and sassy? Well, that is back once again. We have conversation options and they are fabulous...mostly because they reach beyond just the suspects. We have conversation options for Ned too, which leads to a very interesting side story.

                                Finally, the mystery and game play in this game was very fun and well-crafted. I never hit a wall when I was playing where I couldn't figure out how to trigger the next event, nor was I ever confused as to what I should be doing. That said, the game also wasn't too easy. It hit a nice medium. The mystery was great, and very fun, and was only enhanced by the phenomenal surroundings provided by Iceland and it's permanent darkness.

                                I think my favorite part about the game was the song that they wrote for it. It is incorporated into the game in a wonderful way, that I wasn't expecting when I first heard it.

                                While there were some minor problems (ex. sometimes I felt the conversations would end a little abruptly), SEA was overall an absolutely fabulous addition to the Nancy Drew series. I would definitely recommend it to both new and returning fans alike.
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                                Ghost of Thornton Hall
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                                Labyrinth of Lies

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