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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    Sea of Darkness: =/


    To be Honest, this game did not really struck me as much of a excitement. I felt like I was watching a soap opera series then playing a mystery game. Yes, a soap opera with PUZZLES in it! Yet again, it has been a long while since I played the game...maybe I am just missing the point. Can't wait for MID to come out now! For it has been too long


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      I gave it a 6.

      I really enjoyed it while I was playing it, but I went straight from this one to Blackmoor Manor and it really didn't hold up in comparison. The story I enjoyed, the Ned bits were great! The music, especially the song over the credits, was beautiful! The mystery was decent and it really had me guessing.

      The downsides though were the puzzles, which was just one unnecessary Sudoku after another for no real reason other than giving the player something to do. Blackmoor Manor in comparison had puzzles that really were worked into the plot, or the history, or the characters in some way. There wasn't much of a mesh between the story and the puzzles here. There's a moment when Nancy herself makes a wink-wink comment on the puzzle and how little sense it makes given the situation, which reminded me of a joke I remember the nostalgia critic making somewhere--"We acknowledged the dumb thing! That makes it not dumb any more!"

      In a ranking of all the ND games, I'd probably stick this one somewhere between Castle Malloy and White Wolf.


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        I think my favorite part about the game was the song that they wrote for it.


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          Last ND

          I think this was the last Nancy Drew game, ever.


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            I liked Sea of Darkness, I thought it was pretty fun, I just didn't like the controversial inclusion of a certain character as pertaining to their sexuality but that's just me.


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              Coming back to replay this after MID- man was it a treat and really makes MID pale.
              I gave it a 10.
              When I played it the first time, I don't remember being enthralled or particularly enjoying it- but replaying it now, it is one of my favorites.