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Sea of Darkness -- A Promising New Start!

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  • Sea of Darkness -- A Promising New Start!

    FIRST OFF...
    I've been playing these games since I was 13, starting with MHM when it came out, and they were a big part of my development. After last year, I wasn't sure about where the games were headed. While I loved Nik Blahunka's writing when it came to characters and dialogue, the plots of the recent games were not executed well (I don't think MED should have ever been made, to be honest, and LIE was a minor improvement).

    I bought ("pre-ordered") SEA earlier this week as a end-of-year, yay-for-finishing-the-semester-strong present for myself. I wasn't expecting much when SEA was announced, and it was the first game that I didn't really keep up with announcement-wise. But as I saw character designs and descriptions, screenshots, etc. on other websites, a little part of me started getting very hopeful.


    Plot -- 8/10

    Overall, I liked it! But there seemed to be a frantic element missing? It wasn't clear to me (at least not on my first play-thru) how long after Magnus's disappearance it was that Nancy showed up. If it had been weeks, then I'd understand how the frantic searching had stopped, but if it had only been a few days, it seems a little odd to me. But then again, maybe I wasn't paying attention. Other than that, I think this is one of few times where the treasure element that comes into Nancy Drew games so often is actually interesting. I loved watching the little animated reenactment of the Captain, and how the treasure came to be.

    Setting & Graphics -- 10/10

    I wasn't sold on a mystery in Iceland until I started playing -- holy cow, those graphics! Such an improvement! Every location in Skipbrot was so beautiful and warm feeling. It's been a long time since I've felt so strongly about the location, it was just perfect. My only real wish here was for more things to explore and look at when I wanted a break from the mystery.

    Characters -- 9/10

    I really liked Elisabet and Gunnar, but was not as keen on Soren and Dagny - not that they were fundamentally bad characters, very much the opposite! Their personalities grated on me at points (I'm very much over the whole blasé, too-cool-for-school characters that HER keeps coming up with especially), but they were still interesting and great to interact with. As far as the "controversy" goes with Dagny, it was refreshing to finally see a different kind of representation in the games, especially in a game that was pretty white, all in all. I've seen that it upset some people, but honestly? Too bad. That's part of the world, has always been part of the world, and it's not changing anytime soon. Kudos to HER for taking that step forward for broader representation.

    As for phone characters, I loooooved Alex Trang. I would love for her to return in a future game, but I love these one-off phone characters that we've been getting as well.

    I didn't like Ned in this game (and not just because I prefer Frank Hardy and have always liked Frank over him...), if only because the set-up with the anniversary and his "present" felt very manipulative and weirdly placed to me. I understand that it was supposed to be a sweet, nerve-wracking thing, but it wasn't presented that way and I hope that interactions between Nancy and Ned are better executed in the future.

    Puzzles -- 7/10

    I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to the puzzles in this game. None were too easy, but some were a little ridiculous. Maybe I was a little too tired, maybe my brain is still a little mushy from finishing finals, but there were a few that I needed to look at a lot of hints to solve. My next gameplay I plan to read through the strategy guide and see if HER had written any pointers in there, since I've never done that before.

    Ending -- 8/10

    Fiiiiiinally, fiiiiiinally an ending where the culprit makes sense AND there's no ridiculous puzzle to solve in order to catch them! Soooooo nice. So nice. And for the first time in a while, I was genuinely afraid that one character was the culprit because I had grown to like them and understand them so much, so I was pleasantly surprised when it was another character, and even more pleased that their motivations made sense in the end.

    This is a very, VERY good start to a new generation of the games. I adore Katie Chironis's writing so far, very clean yet informative and to the point. This is the first time I've enjoyed playing one of the games in a long time, and the first time I can honestly say I will be replaying this over and over in an even longer amount of time. I loved it, I really did, and I'm feeling hopeful for the next game too -- from the plot to the new Nancy voice, this feels like a promising start for games to come.
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    Thanks For Review

    Your review is why I bought the download of the game. I haven't played games in this series in a long time because of having to do those timed puzzles at the end. Thank you for mentioning no puzzles at the end.


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      Details in the Review...

      Thank you for the detailed review! I have found myself in a similar situation. I have played Nancy Drew games for the last 13 years or so. However, my interest in them has slowly waned due to the lack of quality in more recent titles (in my opinion). Alibi in Ashes is still my most recent game and I've struggled with the decision as to whether or not I should buy newer titles. Your review coupled with the others I have seen regarding Sea of Darkness have given me hope that HER Interactive is working towards a new start. This game seems to feature engaging characters, improved writing, and an immersive environment. Your analysis of puzzles is spot on and it seems HER still has some work to do in this area, but I am encouraged to see what appears to be a new beginning on the horizon. Sea of Darkness may be my next purchase. I hope we will all be able to enjoy more engaging titles in the near future. Cheers and Happy Sleuthing!
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        Thanks for the Review

        Thanks for the detailed review! I agree, this game gave me so much hope. After being disappointed with the last few games (MED, sigh *shakes head*) I had begun to doubt HER. This game completely changed that, I feel as though HER has been listening to all of the feedback and because of it they have created an amazing game. You can clearly tell how much thought and detail they put into it and they even paid homage to some of the older games. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your review I enjoyed reading it.
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          This same thing happened with me but this new game was so good. It was so much fun to play this game.And the graphics used were amazing. Even the graphics of fifa 16 are awesome. And i have heard that this game will be interesting.
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            I agree with most, if not all, of what you said! The graphics were awesome, and the puzzles were indeed unreasonably difficult to solve... I at least had a lot of trouble figuring out what was supposed to happen with each puzzle, as in what my objective was. I think the directions could have been better.

            Definitely agree about Frank Hardy over Ned... Poor Ned! He's been so clingy since VEN especially and it's hard for me to not be annoyed by him. He's believable as a teenage boy but Nancy is so mature that she seems lightyears ahead of him!

            Alex was a great phone friend. I loved calling her up just for fun Ship Facts!
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