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A Heartfelt Appreciation to the Composers of the Music in Sea

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  • A Heartfelt Appreciation to the Composers of the Music in Sea

    I finished Sea of Darkness 3 months ago but after a self-realization (and my sister pointing out) that I've been humming/whistling the melody of each song every day and everywhere, I felt that I needed to give some major credit to the creators of the phenomenal pieces in the game.

    I have to admit: In the previous games, I never payed any attention to the soundtracks. They were just white noise to me, ignorable. This game though, its music is really out of this world! I remembered having to go to the game settings to turn down the volume of the music so that I would be able to focus on the puzzles or dialogues and not be sitting distracted,absorbed by listening to "Shanty" and tapping my feet to "All Hands".

    Also, there have been times when I simply clicked on the SEA icon on my desktop just to listen to the music played on the game's intro AND I personally believe that I am responsible for most of the views for the SEA soundtracks on YouTube.

    I don't know whether this stems from my love for minor-keyed folk music or some other reason but I definitely hope that similar genius, catchy tunes and that equal effort will be implemented in the next game : Midnight in Salem.
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    A thing I can agree with

    Wow it's honestly been so long I'm not sure how to post properly (to be honest) but I'm going to try, bear with me

    I just played this game the past two days for the first time...even though its been released since 2015..oops!

    Anywho, I believe that SEA (i think thats the abbrev) was a step in the right direction. The music was truly spectacular...not sure if I'm more in tune just because I took a music class this semester, but either way I have been invested in the music.

    What you said was duly noted and appreciated!

    Hope :)
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