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Good Plot, but Overwhelmed by Puzzles

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  • Good Plot, but Overwhelmed by Puzzles

    After seeing rave reviews of this game on Twitter and in other places, I was very excited to finally find the time to sit down and play it! The graphics and animation were beautiful, and I absolutely LOVED the music composition "The Word I Couldn't Keep." The characters were good and kept me guessing until the end.

    The plot was engaging and intriguing--HOWEVER, the sheer amount of puzzles completely overwhelmed the plot for me and made it seem disjointed at times. Everywhere I turned, there was a new puzzle. Nothing could get done without solving yet another puzzle. The puzzles for the most part I enjoyed, but towards the end of the game, it felt like they kept recycling the same principle (a principle similar to Sudoku--one of each in each row/column/group with no repeats). A couple of the puzzles also had directions that were not nearly as clear as they needed to be. The directions that needed the most refining were those for the cabinet crystals--asking for "4 colors of each crystal." As it turns out, only 2 colors of crystal existed, although the blank/no-color crystal seemed to be a third color, especially for someone looking for 4 colors. This is a simple grammar/syntax issue--the instructions should have been "4 of each color crystal" or "4 crystals of each color." A couple other puzzles' directions could similarly have used a bit of quick refining.

    I want to love this game, but I think I can only like it because there were too many puzzles and glaring problems with the puzzles themselves.

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    i agree. i also have that problem.


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      I completely agree with you! The characters, music, and setting were all amazing, but I also thought it was way too dominated by puzzles. When there's that many puzzles it just feels like filler. A lot of the more recent games seem to suffer from that, unfortunately.
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