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  • Ned loves Nancy

    I just got done playing SEA and I will be coming up with a review soon. Just one thing I want to mention however. When Ned and Nancy were having the conversation about Nancy missing their anniversary, Nancy decided to buy him a souvenir. I got him the sword and he was so happy with it. Then, he told Nancy how much he loved her and that he had something for her but wasn"t something he could say over phone. Even his friend Burt asked Ned if he said anything. My curiosity was at high speed wondering what it was. My daughter and I both thought that Ned was going to propose to Nancy. That would have been a very romantic aspect being that Ned said how much he loved her. Wonder why he did not propose? Just that they were going to celebrate their anniversary next year is what it said at end. I was a little sad that Ned did not propose. I think a wedding announcement should be in the upcoming games as they been together since the beginning.
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