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    After nearly 4 years of having this game, I finally decided to play and finish it. I just never could get through with it being I had health issues but now I will do my review on it.


    There is a ship, Heerlijkheid, that crashed. A treasure hunter sends Nancy a letter needing her services. Supposedly, someone has gone missing and Nancy goes on investigation to track down the missing person as well as this treasure that was aboard ship when it crashed.


    This is set on a ship, the Heerlijkheid, in a city in Iceland--Skipbrot. Some of it is on ship and other places in Skipbrot. We have Missti Skip that is the local pub in town and where Nancy can take her naps whenever she needs.


    Dagny Silva---Dagny is the one who notifies Nancy and asks for her help. She acted a little snooty and a bit bossy. She wants your assistance in tracking down her partner Magnus, who she believes ran off with the treasure.
    Soren Bergursson---Soren runs the Cultural Center at Skipbrot. Soren is very mysterious and suspicious. He was a hard one to figure out.
    Elisabet Grimursdottir---Elisabet and Magnus was a couple. She seemed a bit sad and thought she messed things up with Magnus. She always was hanging out on the ship next to a closet that she never wanted you to get close to. Elisabet also sang a song that was a family song. She had such a beautiful voice. She was very nice to talk to but there were times she would get mad if you said the wrong thing to her.
    Gunnar Tonnisson---Gunnar hung out at the pub and ran it. He first gave you orders for kitchen duty but it wasn't all that important. What I loved most was his stories about fishing. He had the funniest accent also. His stories would make you laugh.
    Alex Trang---Alex was not a person you seen in person. You only first came across her when you use the radio at the Wheel House. Alex is currently on an internship. She knows a little about the disappearance of Magnus and helps Nancy in whatever possible. She was fun to talk to and you can ask her about "ship facts" that she would tell you whatever she knows about ships which was very interesting and informative.
    Magnus Kiljansson---There was not much known about Magnus other than the fact that he went missing and we had to look for him. When we finally get to see him, he seemed happy to have been found but acted scared as well as the culprit was around the corner.
    Ned Nickerson---Ned is Nancy phone contact and someone who was not to happy of the fact Nancy went on another investigation and forgot their anniversary. Nancy did call him and would fill him in with the details of her investigation and told Ned she would make it up to him for forgetting. You get to buy him a souvenir from the Gift Shop of whatever your choosing.
    Tumi---Although Tumi was not an active character, I thought it be nice to include her. She was the dog of Magnus and Elisabet. You see pictures of them together and her dog bed. There is even a puzzle that you do that has a dog in it. Elisabet also hid Tumi because she did not want to let go of her. Tumi did show up and was a sweet little pooch so thought I would list her as well.


    The puzzles were not that hard and many I found to be fun to do. There was around 25 puzzles altogether and the were pretty much easy. There was a maze puzzle I found fun and a find the differences puzzle that was easy and fun to do. The one I found no significance with the story was a knot puzzle at the very beginning. The very minute you talked to Soren, he pretty much threw you right into fixing the knots saying he did not have time for it but yet you just met him and did not know that much about him. I thought that was a bit odd and strange. Also, the kitchen duty orders was tricky. You had to fill trays and I was never good at that part of it. The other part I loved was the little little Icelandic Word Vocabulary machine sitting on the counter at pub. This was a good way to earn money and learn a little Icelandic Words. It would have been nice if they would let you know what the word sounded like. Like go to press a word and they would sound it out. Like they did in VEN, the Italian dictionary you can tap on word and it will say what it was. It was a bit hard to know what the word sounded like although it was fun to learn.


    There was quite a few places to explore. You had the ship with the Wheel House and the Captain's Quarters. You also got to look around the Missti Skip and the Cultural Center as well as Magnus' Cabin, A lighthouse, and an Ice Cave. It makes it fun when you get to explore outside your normal areas.


    Everything about SEA made it realistic. The beginning made it look like a real shipwreck. Then when you get there it actually looked like you was in Iceland. It was all so pretty some of the scenery esp the Ice Caves.


    If you like games with a lot of snooping, this will do just fine. There was a few points you got to snoop. You get to snoop through Soren's tablet behind his desk through Cultural Center, through Dagny's phone, Elisabet's purse, as well as when you get to Magnus' cabin can look all over and even eavesdrop on voicemail conversation from answering machine. Snooping is always a fun part of game.


    I thought the music put it in the right mood. It actually made it feel like you was in Iceland. Plus, the song Elisabet sang put you in a good mood. It was so pretty and sweet. All the sound effects put everything right where it was supposed to be.


    If a scary game is something you like then you will be a bit disappointed. There was nothing scary at all about SEA. Maybe if going through an Ice Cave but nothing jumps out and makes your skin crawl. Just nothing scary at all.


    I will put SEA as the top 10 ND games. There was a lot to see and explore. A lot of fun and interesting puzzles that did not consume your time and I found I needed very little to no spoilers to complete them. The characters were fun and memorable. They are some that you can talk to and remember. I would say my favorite was Gunnar as he had the best conversations. I would now go back over this game and see if I can get all the trophies this time but I really enjoyed playing it. It had a great story line as well. SCORE 10/10
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