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SPOILER CODE / Easter Egg, Charms, Awards? Look here before posting.

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  • SPOILER CODE / Easter Egg, Charms, Awards? Look here before posting.

    Sometimes on the game boards, a user will ask for a spoiler to get to the next part in the game. If a spoiler is requested, please put your answer in spoiler code - a black box that covers your text so specific events in the game are not spoiled for anyone that may not want spoilers. Do NOT give a user a spoiler unless he/she specifically asks for one.

    A spoiler as defined in the rules:

    A spoiler is revealing the identity or gender of a/the culprit(s) or posting direct answers such as phone numbers, passwords, codes, answers to quizzes, etc. Spoilers are only allowed using the "spoiler code" tags as show below, and only when a gamer specifically requests a spoiler.

    However, NEVER reveal the details of the ending of the game. Refer to the culprit as “the culprit” & use the pronoun “they or them” to refer to them. They cannot be revealed – even with spoiler code. For other spoilers use the spoiler code.

    To view the writing inside the box, simply highlight the box with your cursor.

    To write something and have it appear in the spoiler box, do it like this:
    [spoiler]Put your spoiler here![/spoiler]

    It will look like this if you do it correctly:
    Put your spoiler here!

    If you have any further questions, please ask on the Message Board Questions forum.

    And, as always, the forum rules are the same and will be enforced as before.

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    Extras and Where to Post About Them:

    If you have questions about the Easter Eggs, phone charms, or awards, there are specific places you should post them. Here are some guidelines to help you post on the appropriate board. You may ask the following type of questions on the appropriate board listed below.

    Hints and Tips Board:
    1) Where are the Easter Eggs or phone charms?
    2) How do I get the Easter Eggs, phone charms, or awards?
    3) Huh? I found an Easter Egg!?

    **Answers to these questions should be put in spoiler code**

    Individual Game Discussion Board for that game:
    1) What can I do with the Easter Egg?
    2) What does the Easter Egg do?
    3) Any discussions about the Easter Eggs, phone charms, or awards.

    Please note that some games may not have Easter Eggs, phone charms, or awards.
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