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Stuck -- after Gunnar's box

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  • catsandbooks
    I am pretty sure you should have done the sounding depth numbers by now. You can't find the puzzle in the hold yet.
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  • kdoodle411
    started a topic Stuck -- after Gunnar's box

    Stuck -- after Gunnar's box

    Utterly stuck. I just helped Gunnar to grab his box, but it doesn't seem like there's anything else I can do. Here's what's on my task list:

    - Find Dagny
    - Sketches
    - Music box
    - Sound depth numbers
    - Lock in cupboard
    - Tumi's chew toy

    I know there's should be a puzzle in the hold with a mechanical contraption... am I blind should I have found it already? Could use some help :) Thanks!
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