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My `~CLK~` Review :smile:

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  • My `~CLK~` Review :smile:

    My Review for: Secret of the Old Clock

    All topics are rated from a scale of 1 to 10


    I enjoyed the plot on this game very much! It's was very interesting and it kept me wondering throughout the whole mystery what was going to happen! Good job HER!


    The graphic were as good as any other game. However, I believe that they could have done a better job in drawing Jane. At times, her face was just plain scary!


    Loved it! I think her did an awesome job on the setting. I loved having my own car and being able to drive around town. The lilac inn was very pretty and the golf course was pretty cool too It was great to be in a different era!


    Emily: I wasn't a fan of Emily. I know she was supposed to be a little crazy but it was very odd. I didn't quite know how to handle it haha!

    Mr. Topham: Ugh...couldn't stand him! I guess that's what HER was going for though. There's always got to be an annoying character.

    Jane: Hated her accent but other than that I really didn't have a problem with her.

    Mr. Archer: Actually a really good character and probably my favorite of the entire game. Such a sweetie!

    Fear Factor- N/A

    There wasn't a fear factor in this game!


    I loved these puzzles! They were challenging but not ridiculous. I don't think I used a spoiler once. The only thing I did not like was that hideous dress! It took me days!


    Not that great. I mean I suppose it wasn't too bad...
    but the pie thing was kinda stupid.


    I really should give it a 7, but I like it too much . I would most likely recommend this to a friend. Very enjoyable and very much worth my money and time!


    Read, rate, and review! Reps are always appreciated! What did you think of the game? Did you like the ending? Was the dress puzzle as hard for you as what it was for me? I love to discuss the games so I always love to hear your opinions!

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    Basically my feelings on everything