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    This game was a unique one by far. But i, myself, hit a few things while playing it. It was just too easy for me. But it did have it's strong points...

    Setting- The time takes place during the 1930's at the Lilac Inn. This was a nice change of setting and for the first time you could actually drive places. The problem, though, was that while you were able and free to drive anywhere you could only stop at one or two places and interact with it. Overall 6/10.

    Puzzels- Much too easy for my tastes. Actually, the hardest thing for me was trying not to mess up on the dressmaking. Everything was too connected in the game. It gave you the answers to one puzzel if you solved the one before it. So this is why i'm giving it a 4/10 on puzzels.

    Suspects-Too much talking! I don't necessarily hate talking, i just dislike the way the they drone on and on. And most of the time was spent talking to Emily, Jane, or Jim Archer. You couldn't get nothing done without talking to someone over and over and over again.

    Ending- the ending was a major letdown. This game had huge potencial for the ending. Anything could have happened. The ending reminded me alot of TOT. Chasing someone down like that. But this was easier then even that.

    Now, these are only my opinons as i have always said. I love ND games and overall i did enjoy some aspects of it. You should not overlook this game because some things in it were really fun. Escpecially if you like to slack off on some games Overall for the game i'm going to give it a generous 6/10. Great job and keep on sleuthing!!!

    the world fondly remembers those who only give,
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    I have completed ND games 1-32 and the secrets can kill remastered