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Turn Back The Clock! My Thirteenth Review!

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  • Turn Back The Clock! My Thirteenth Review!

    Hello, Everyone! It's time to turn back the clock! Yes, welcome to my review for Secret of the Old Clock! I promise to be completely honest, thorough, and spoiler-free! Enjoy!

    The Plot- 10/10
    Back in time- to the 1930's in Titusville! This, in reality, is Nancy's first case, just brought to us as her twelfth in the series. She visits a friend, Emily Crandall, to see why she has been invited. Emily has been acting so strange... Her mother passed away about a month ago, and her best friend, Jane Willoughby, is her guardian, but she seems like the type of person Emily's mother would not want her with... What's really going on? The plot is fantastic and original!

    The Suspects- 9.5/10
    Basically, in the game you meet a banker, Emily and her guardian, and a very strange man who states he has ESP, and his very annoying cat. Also, while driving around Titusville, you meet several more people who you do not physically see, but speak to. The variety of characters and personalities make for a great game!

    The Length- 9/10
    It was a very short game in comparison to games 1-11, especially CUR- it was so much shorter than that! But, I enjoyed this game, and treated it as a novelty that we got to experience Nancy's first case- firsthand.

    The Graphics- 10/10
    Although this is only game twelve, the graphics are still spectacular! My only complaint is the map of town- very unrealistic. But it's the 1930's- what do you expect?

    Here is the overall rating of the game...

    Nine Out Of Ten!
    Not Perfect, But Definitely A Good Game!

    Well, that concludes my thirteenth review! I highly recommend this game if you don't own it already! And this is just my opinion- feel free to add your own two-cents- I'd love to hear it!

    Thirteen Ghosts? But This Is My Fourteenth Review! All About CUR Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

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