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  • Time Will Tell... .:A kool kat review:.

    Here we go!

    The Secret of the Old Clock

    It's 1930 and Nancy Drew is asked to visit Emily Crandall in Titusville, a girl whom Nancy knows only through a mutual friend. She and her mother had been counting on the generosity of their kindly but strange neighbor, Josiah Crowley, to leave them part of his estate to support the inn they own. But in his will, everything was left to Richard Topham, his ESP teacher. A contested will, a suffering girl, suspicious psychics... Can Nancy solve the mystery before time runs out in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock.

    First of all this plot doesnt really excite me nor does it bore me. The main reason that I like this game was because I loved the book

    Rate: 7/10

    1930. Everything is peachy keen or the bee's knees. A dollar could give you a full tank of gas. I like the town overall even though it didnt have much to see. I really loved the inn. It seems so homey and welcome..

    Rate: 9/10

    For one of the slightly older games, This game was pretty good with graphics. The characters lips didnt move in sync with sound and sometimes their movements were kind of stiff but other than that, Pretty good.

    Rate: 7/10


    Emily Crandall-

    Seventeen year-old Emily runs the Lilac Inn. She is plagued by strange occurrences... objects on the wall move... whispers call from the shadows... things mysteriously disappear and then reappear... Is Emily just stressed out or are things really amiss?

    Um.. Emily. She was pretty much a boring person. Theres not much to say about her.

    Jane Willoughby-

    Gloria Crandall, Emily's mother, asked Jane to look after her daughter in case anything happened to her. She's doing her best to help Emily, but doesn't know much about raising kids or running an inn. Could Jane have a hidden agenda?

    Lol she's a character for sure! (no pun intended) For some reason she reminded me of Dolly Parton. Minus the red hair, of course. Her accent was humorous.. She reminded me of the type of girl you would see as a small diner waitress. Ya know? The ones that are always chewing gum, have a no care attitude and whatnot?

    Richard Topham-

    A self-proclaimed expert on ESP, Richard Topham lives near the Lilac Inn, in the house that once belonged to Josiah Crowley. How did he inherit Josiah's estate and money? Richards runs the School for the Study and Development of Paranormal Powers, but is his act just a hoax?

    Hmm... He was just weird. He seemed to want to think everyone was jealous of him but other than that weirdness!!

    Jim Archer-

    A good-natured but secretly desperate businessman is trying to make it through the end of the Depression. The bank he owns is teetering on the brink of failure. Jim has been helpful to Emily and her mom, but he's desperate for money. How far would he go to save his bank?

    He looked like one of those banker on the ABC Christmas cartoon specials!! Lol He was really nice and just seemed like a good person.

    Overall Character Rate: 7/10

    I think the music really suited the game

    Rate: 10/10

    Hmm I liked the puzzles. Normally I like challenging puzzles, but the puzzles went perfectly with the game.

    Rate: 9/10

    I have to admit, The only mini-game that didn't get on my nerves was the mini-golf course. That's about it. The driving allll over town to do errands, sorting pies, and so called logic puzzle rreeallly got on my nerves.

    Rate: 3/10

    Scare Factor:
    This game really wasnt meant to be scary at all. If it was, Well that was a major fail.

    Rate: 1/10

    This game was really short. Like, You-can-beat-it-in-3-hours kind of short. If you like short games that dont really challenge you and that you play mostly for fun, this is for you! If you prefer a longer, more intricate and intruiging game, I wouldnt really reccomend this to you.

    Rate: 4/10

    Not too difficult. This was the type of game you play just for the story and not for the challenge.

    Rate: 5/10

    Considering all of that and that this game is a fairly old game.....


    Overall Rate: 7/10!!

    Thanks for reading!! :)

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    nice review! I like it. you're definetely right on the scaryness, puzzles, and the fact that Emily did almost nothing...though supposedly she was running an inn o_0!
    Will be looking for more kool kat reviews!
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      I just finished replaying this game again, and I have to say, I forgot how much I like it. I love the 1930s-depression era setting, and, as a musician, I have to agree with you that the music was not only entertaining, but time period appropriate. I will say, I started to get annoyed with the mini golf course after I had tried to beat it 13 times and wasn't able to get par. The puzzle that really bothered me was the card matching game you have to beat with Mr. Topham. Once I thought I had everything figured out, he would change how he said things and I had to start over! Overall, I think your review is great and very accurate. Nice writing!

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