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ummm can you say BOOOORING

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  • ummm can you say BOOOORING

    wow this game was soooo boring it became torture. the characters were boring, the motive was boring, the location was boring, i hate games with a passion that involve maps to take you from location to location, too many errands... this game was an epic fail in my book.

    i do however appreciate that this game was based off the classic nancy drew novel- that was cool. i remember reading this book when i was little so it was cool to see it in game form now.

    location: 3/10 - the only cool thing about the location was that it wasn't modern day
    spook factor: 0/10
    characters: 2/10
    plot: 3/10
    ending: 1/10 the final moments of the game were SOOOOO boring- no thrill at all