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  • Case Closed- Review #21

    Hello and welcome to Case Closed!

    Plot: The game is set in 1930, at the beginning of the Great Depression in the small fictional town of Titusville. Nancy Drew has been asked to come to the Lilac Inn to see Emily Crandall, whom Nancy knows only through a mutual friend. Emily's mother died a month ago, leaving her to run the inn with the help of her guardian, Jane Willoughby. Emily and her mother had been counting on the generosity of their kindly but strange neighbor, Josiah Crowley, to leave them part of his estate to support the inn they own. But in his will, everything was left to Richard Topham, his ESP teacher. When Nancy arrives at the inn, she encounters a mystery involving stolen jewels, a missing will, car chases, and plenty of adventure. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a perfect plot!

    Characters: In this game, there are four main characters, Jim Archer, Richard Topham, Emily Crandall, and Jane Willoughby. Each character has their own personality and traits, and they are pretty good. I loved Jim's sweet manner, he works at the local bank. Jane was my least favorite character. She is watching Emily, but she just came off as weird to me. Richard was horrible, scary, and I just freaked out when I saw him. Emily was weird too, but at least she was semi-friendly. The characters were definitely not the best HER has created. Which makes me give it a 5/10 for okay character development.

    Scare Factor: This game's scare factor is medium. There are some great suspenseful moments, don't get me wrong, but it is not scary..I had a few creepy moments but there really was not much suspense. Which makes me give it a 7/10 for a medium scare factor!

    Setting: The setting in this game is great! Titusville is a sweet little town which just fits the 30's era theme perfectly. I loved the Inn which was nice and tiny, and the golf course really put a fun twist on the setting! The best part of the game. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a perfect setting!

    Length: For this game, It was a great length. Virtually the best length for an ND game. Took me a week or so, but I took my time with it. It wasn't too short, but didn't feel like it dragged on unnecessarily.There wasn't any filler in it, and all loose ends tied up nicely! Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a perfect length.

    Music: The music in CLK was pretty good! I had the songs stuck in my head very frequently and mostly all of them were light and fun. It brought a playful side to the game which made the mystery a little laid back. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for perfect music.

    Puzzles: This game has a good amount of puzzles. It wasn't a hard game, but it wasn't too easy either. The puzzles were mostly made out of codes and things you could find the answers too in letters and hints, and logically think of. I liked how it felt like a REAL Nancy drew mystery and the puzzles didn't feel like they were just purposely jammed into the game. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for perfect puzzles!

    Graphics: This game was kinda old, so the graphics obviously weren't perfect. Jane's face and body motions were a train-wreck and the body motions of the character's in general were jerky. I loved the graphics of the outside though. The carriage house and golf course were fun and nice, and the graphics weren't a bother too me. Which makes me give it a 7.5/10 for good graphics.

    Overall, this game has......

    ~A Perfect Plot
    ~Okay Character Development
    ~A Medium Scare Factor
    ~A Perfect Setting
    ~A Perfect Length
    ~Perfect Music
    ~Perfect Puzzles
    ~Good Graphics

    Overall this game is an 8.7/10! Hope you enjoy this game!
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