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  • ¸¤*¨¨» c00kie4amouse's review of Secret of The Old Clock

    Welcome to
    c00kie4amouse's review of:
    Secret of the Old Clock

    Secret of the Old Clock is similar to the Haunted Carousel in that it is a fun, short, easy game with little scariness. While the game provides a great atmosphere and an eccentric backstory, the characters are so-so and it is not complex enough to really get you thinking.

    Emily Crandall's mother has just passed away, leaving the Lilac Inn in Emily's hands. However, strange things have been happening - a frequent visitor and friend of Emily and her mother, Josiah Crowley, has left them nothing in his will; Emily's mother's jewels have gone missing; and an explosion in the kitchen causes the stove to be destroyed, meaning Emily will have to find the money to repair it to keep the inn going. Meanwhile, Emily's guardian and her mother's best friend, Jane, is totally clueless as to how to help, and Emily has called on Nancy to get to the bottom of everything, especially to discover if Josiah's will was forged and if there is a real copy somewhere else.

    The plot was simple and basic, and not confusing. It isn't a standout compared to some of the other games but at least you knew why Nancy is at the inn and what your purpose as a detective is. The accidents become less important than finding out why Josiah left nothing to Emily and her mother. 6/10

    The characters in this game are okay. There isn't enough interaction with them IMO so you don't get to know anybody that well, not even Emily who presumably would have a lot of backstory.

    Emily is the 17 year old daughter of the inn's owner, who has just passed away. She is sad and worried about what the future holds for her, and does not feel ready to run an inn, especially with no money and an unstable state of mind. Emily was nice enough but a little whiny and she got annoying after a while; she also didn't really have much to say.

    Jane was Emily's mother's best friend, and Emily's mother had asked her to take care of Emily should anything happen to her. Unfortunately, Jane is totally clueless as to how to raise a child or own a business, causing tension between her and Emily. I found Jane's voice and expressions really annoying and dreaded talking to her.

    Richard Topham is the one who has inherited everything in Josiah's will. He is an ESP teacher and helps people develop their "psychic powers." Josiah was a student of his, and Topham has moved into his old house. Topham was very pompous and condescending, but I enjoyed talking to him because his snootiness and large vocabulary were amusing.

    Jim Archer is Emily's banker; his business isn't doing too well, and he too believed he would receive some money from Josiah Crowley, but only ended up with a broken typewriter. Nancy does not have a lot of interaction with Jim so I don't really have a solid opinion on him.

    The characters receive a 4/10, there just wasn't anything special about any of them.

    For the most part the characters looked realistic and their animations weren't cartoony. I loved the path behind the inn that led to Topham's house and the mini golf course. The town that Nancy drives around in could have been done better but it wasn't enough to make me hate the graphics or anything. 7/10

    The game is short and there aren't a lot of puzzles - a good chunk of the game is running around doing errands for people. The actual puzzles that Josiah leaves behind are easy to figure out because the solutions are all within the game. Some puzzles - like mini golf or figuring out what card Topham wants you to pick out - may be more challenging because they are mostly trial and error. 5/10

    The ending comes kind of abruptly, and there isn't really a satisfying confrontation of the culprit - instead, Nancy explains everything in a letter at the end. The way you catch the culprit is a little frustrating as well. I do like the way that everything comes together, though. 4/10


    - I really loved the 1930's aspect of the game. Some things weren't entirely realistic but I enjoyed the music, the record player, the ham radio and Nancy's roadster.

    - In some of the games, making money is tedious and annoying. In this game, I loved delivering the telegrams! I could've spent hours doing that. Some of the places/people Nancy visited were hilarious, like the librarian who didn't understand what Nancy was saying or the creepy counselor at the camp. The humor in this game is a standout - Josiah also has a great sense of humor that is apparent in his notes and puzzles.

    - I appreciate that the game attempts to be scary/creepy at one point, even though it doesn't execute all the way.
    Overall I'd give the game a 6/10. CLK is a light and fun game that can be finished in a few hours. The environment and humor are top notch, but the characters are just alright and the puzzles aren't fulfilling enough. I would recommend this game for a first timer, or for someone who does not want to spend hours figuring out how to solve puzzles.

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