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Spirit Reviews: Secret of the Old Clock

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  • whitewolf93
    Scores Perhaps?

    Thanks for your review of this somewhat older Nancy Drew adventure! It's been a bit since I have played Secret of the Old Clock myself. Might have to give it a go this summer. The only thing I would like to possibly see added to your review is some sort of ranking system so we can see how you rate the game overall. This qualm aside, nice overview!

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  • spirit52
    started a topic Spirit Reviews: Secret of the Old Clock

    Spirit Reviews: Secret of the Old Clock

    Ah, yet another ND game from my childhood :)
    If you've read my previous reviews you will know that I am replaying Nancy Drew games and giving you all my opinions on them :)

    Let's get started, shall we?

    Plot: Nancy Drew visits an inn to help a friend who recently lost her mother. Of course, something happens, some jewelry is stolen, and Nancy Drew is soon on the case to discover whodunit. You soon begin to follow clues and solve puzzles left behind by a recently deceased old man that help you uncover the truth behind the stolen jewelry.
    Overall: This was a simple plot with an interesting twist. I found the plot to be very linear, which made it easy to follow, but also didn't allow for much room for the plot to grow and thicken.

    Setting: Oh my gosh, this game was set in a cute little town in the '30s! I know it's gotten some negative reviews for being a "period-piece" game, but I love it! There was no cell phone or computers, which means you had to get all of your information from books or newspaper articles. I thought this was great. Honestly, having a cell phone has taken away the "sleuthing" aspect in some of the games for me. (For example, in some ND games if you need information, you can just pull up a web search and there it is. In games without the cell phone/computer, you have to sneak into a room to read a book in order to obtain the information you need. I personally like that feeling of sleuthing into rooms and through books a lot more than simply looking something up on my phone.) Anyway, I thought the "old time feel" was perfect and really made for a unique ND game.
    Overall: Be prepared to step outside the box. This is a setting and time era like no other ND game! You need to be in the mind set going into the game that it takes place in the 1930's and a lot was different then than it is now...! (What I would give to be able to fill my car up for 25 cents!)

    Puzzles/Tasks: I LOVE puzzles. To be honest, the only reason I play ND games is FOR the puzzles! This games puzzles for me were a bit disappointing. Don't get me wrong, there were TONS of puzzles. But I found them all to be a bit too easy. There was no real challenge for me. Logic problems are my favorite, and the ones in this game were just painfully simple. Not sure if anyone else felt this way or not. On a positive note, I didn't have to use any walkthroughs or spoilers, which for me, is always a plus! I love being able to solve puzzles without any help. As for the tasks, they were just that; tasks. Neither tedious nor exciting, just your typical ND tasks.
    Overall: I wish the puzzles would have been more challenging. I did play this on Jr level though, so if you are looking to use a bit more brain power, I suggest trying senior level out.

    Length: This game was SO SHORT! I had the day off and decided to download this game to keep me busy on a day with nothing to do. Much to my disappointment, I finished this game in about 4 or 5 hours. I was hoping for a game that would last me at least a few days.
    I suppose if you're looking for a quick game to mull through, this would be perfect.

    Overall: I could add more sub-categories, but I will just sum up the rest of my feelings here. I absolutely loved that this game was set in the 30's! I loved the atmosphere and the old-time feel. Super cute and worth a play simply for a blast from the past! The characters were rather dull and didn't develop much, and neither did the plot. For me, I love the point in a game when the plot starts to thicken. I just never felt it "thicken" in this game... once I hit the end, I was like "Wait, that's it? It's over?" The puzzles were very basic and pretty easy to solve. There were a lot of great elements in this game though! The music was on-par (as was the fun mini-golf mini-game!) The graphics were really good considering this is an "older" ND game. I also really enjoyed how A Mid Summers Night Dream was tied into this game! There's also a lot of "hidden items" from previous ND games that I enjoyed seeing!

    All in all, this game is worth a play. Take a rainy afternoon to dive into this game--It will only take a few hours. It will keep you entertained and you will finish it before the day is over :)