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    I have been a Nancy Drew fan for years and years and years. I am now in my twenties, and these games are very nostalgic for me. CLK is a special one because it is one of the few of the games that plays off of the classic Nancy Drew book series. CLK is loosely based off of the first Nancy Drew book written: some of the character names are the same and the Lilac Inn is featured in the game. However, the plot is different, so if you have read the book, don't expect the plot to be the same. This game has its own great plot. I have played this game at least a dozen times, and I just finished playing this wonderful game again. Here's my review of this game:

    Setting: Like I said above, this game is set in the classic novel's setting: the 30s. This gives the game a historic tone that takes you back to the lifestyle of the 30s. While I admire the way the game is set in the 30s like the novel, I also become confused by it when mentally placing it in the game series. When I play these games, I order them in a sequence, and having this game set in the 30s and mentioning that this is Nancy first mystery throws me off a little bit. However, I fix this by imagining that this is the first game in the series, and I usually play it first if I am replaying the games. Don't get me wrong, I do love this game and am very glad Her created a game that is based off the first book. I would give the setting a 9/10.

    Music: I really really love the music in this game. It suits the 30s well, and the music increases the enjoyment of the game for me. Definitely a 10/10.

    Characters: I particularly found the characters in this game entertaining and interesting. Each character's personality fit into the plot nicely, and I really enjoy talking to each character. 7/10.

    Play: This game has a good balance of puzzles and exploring. Personally, I tend to favor the games that do not have back to back puzzles. This game has fun puzzles, but also areas to explore, characters to question, and a plot similar to a scavenger hunt. I especially enjoy that ability to drive around the town. I feel like I have more room to navigate and uncover clues in this game. My only critique of the puzzles is that they are too easy, even on senior level. However, if you are the type of gamer that enjoys easy puzzles and more exploration, then you will love this game! I would give the puzzles a 5/10 and the gameplay as a whole a 8/10

    Ending: This game has a lot of plot twists, which I enjoy. The ending and culprit is a bit obvious, but that may be just because I have played so many times! Either way, a fabulous ending! 8/10.

    Overall, if you love Nancy Drew games and haven't purchased this one yet, you need to get this game! It is great! I can't say enough good things about all of the games, and CLK is one of the great classics!
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    I agree with everything you said! You actually took the words right out of my mouth LITERALLY. (I was talking to my sister about this game yesterday and I swear I said ALL this though she probably wasn't listening cause I like ND too much ) Like you said about the puzzles, they are super easy I agree but I really enjoy this game since it seems pretty balanced so it's not overflowed with annoying puzzles that make you want to rip your hair out like some other games.
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