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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • This was one of the few games that I was able to solve without needing to ask for help. But, it was still challenging so it was a satisfying game to play. I gave it an 8/10.
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    • It was interesting to go back in time but it was a pretty short game and all the driving around was very frustrating. Not the worst game but definately not the best. 7/10


      • I thought the game was alright. It gave that vintage feel to the Nancy Drew era, and I actually enjoyed how everything went back in time back to the 1930's. It was a nice throwback for ND.

        I also liked how they combined the first three yellowback books to create this game, that was really cool. :)
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        • I didn't personally care much for this one. Maybe it was because I was spoiled by the first 11 before playing this one, but it just didn't really get me going. I know it's too easy when I don't even have to peruse the message boards once. :P Story idea was a good idea, but the driving and the potholes and all the meaningless errands really just didn't do it for me. I gave it a 4.
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          • This was one of the first ND games I played. I'm a history fanatic and going back in time was quite fun. I actually liked driving the little car. lol I gave it a 7/10.

            Nancy has come a long way!


            • Pros and Cons

              -old-fashioned music
              -interesting characters
              -driving the roadster

              -running errands
              -not many places to explore
              -not scary
              -lacked suspense

              4/10 This is probably the lowest score I've ever given a Nancy Drew game. I really tried to come up with some pros to be nice (although I genuinely liked the music). To put things simply-- it was boring. I thought it was cool to be in the 30s, but I was bored out of my mind. Sorry.


              • I gave it a 10!


                • Worst one!!!! I hate delivering telegrams, and driving around all time.Not too much character interaction.Mini golf is so hard.Sewing was too hard.I hated the storyline.I gave it 2.


                  • I gave it a 6 as an overall opinon. I thought it was good, the puzzles were excellent, and I enjoyed the sewing. The delivering of the telegrams grew tiring after some time, but it was quite fun driving! (However many cows I hit...LOL) But overall I really enjoyed it, although the culprit was rather obvious.


                    -1/2 the characters (Carson, Nancy, Bess and George, and Thopam)
                    -Pie sorting


                    -Other 1/2 of characters (Jane, the banker, the woman on the line with B&G,Emily)
                    -Telegrams after awhile

                    So, not too many cons. More pros, so that's why I gave it a six.
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                    • I was going to start this game but now... idk...

                      I was going to start this game next (I have 6 right now that I haven't played yet) But after reading all the reviews I think I will save this one for another time. Thanks for the reviews guys!


                      • In My Top 5

                        * Old Time River Heights (referenced back in ASH how cool!)
                        * Pretty easy- the puzzles are pretty easy to figure out. I usually have to go to the message board with a lot of the older ND games but with CLK I could figure out by my self fairly quickly
                        * Interesting ending- not a scary ND game but the ending gave me the chills.
                        * Nice music and dialog
                        * Characters all have substance and are rememberable
                        * Mini golf is frustrating, but once you win you will feel so accomplished

                        * Driving around/money/getting gas - once you play the game you'll understand
                        * Fishing was annoying

                        Like I said CLK is one of my favorites. Defiantly one everyone should play! :


                        • This game is a personal favourite of mine, although I can understand why it's not in everyone's top list, as it has its flaws (it's fairly short, puzzles are quite easy, there are a few tedious fetch-this or simply annoying tasks, unskippable cutsenes can get on your nerves) - but I like the atmosphere so much, I could play it hours on end just for the sake of it!

                          I think the early 30's setting was very well conveyed, both through aesthetics and language. Characters were believable and enjoyable to talk to. There was a nice a amount of exploring. I thought the ending was pretty good, albeit rather predictable after some in-game events. I didn't mind that the plot was set in a familiar environment, far from the big treasure hunts and thrilling historical mysteries Nancy then went on to solve - after all, it was her first case! And I liked that there was no scare factor I don't particularly enjoy being scared or rushed, I prefer immersive games where I can take the time to relax and explore and enjoy the setting.

                          CLK is one of the first games I play through everytime I'm on a ND playing spree, which happens about once a year, and I never get tired of it . So despite its potential for improvement, I happily gave it a 9.