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    The Secret of the Old Clock
    A Review by Songlily

    Senior Detective

    There's one word that aptly describes this game: FUN! It wasn't creepy like
    CUR, or somewhat serious like SSH; instead it was just plain fun!

    Setting, Music, & Graphics
    The 1930s setting is classic--you have to use a little payphone, deliver
    telegrams, and pay only 50 cents to fill up on gas! The background music
    fits the mood with a jazzy upbeat rhythm. All of the locations seemed fresh and
    clean, with bright colors and beautiful graphics--certainly a feast for the eyes!

    As far as puzzles go, the ones in this game are not that challenging, although
    there are a few more time-consuming/trial-and-error puzzles thrown in the mix.
    Mostly, it's playing golf or sewing a dress or playing a memory game. The variety
    of atypical puzzles/activities in the game doesn't allow room for monotany or boredom.
    However, they aren't as challenging as say SHA or CUR, so if you're looking for a
    particularly hard one, this isn't it.

    The plot was also fun, with a bit of intrigue and a touch of the 'treasure hunt' thread.
    You have to follow a trail of clever clues to find a will! However, no violence
    or major crime are involved at all, which makes this a great game for younger sleuths!

    The characters were not HER's best [try SHA or TRT for that], but they
    were close. There are four 'suspects' if you will, as well as the mastermind
    behind most of the puzzles in the game whose will you search for. Getting to know
    the latter, Josiah Crowley, was one of the most fun aspects of the game--his crazy
    personality and clever puzzles [I mean, he built a golf course in his backyard!]
    never ceased to amaze me. The characters were well-animated and well-voiced.

    Transportation & Money
    Okay, time for my favorite part of the game: transportation! CLK has you outfitted
    with a sparkling blue roadster that can get you anywhere in a very short amount
    of time--and you get to do the navigating yourself. A nice swing tune plays
    while you're out driving and delivering telegrams. Speaking of which, I kind of
    liked having a purse with cash in it--it gave you an added responsibility in the
    game [don't go broke!] while also giving you a chance to do something fun!
    Delivering the telegrams allowed you to really get used to all the roads and shortcuts
    [which comes in veeery handy later] while also providing time for you to think if
    you're frustrated. Everyone you deliver telegrams to has a personality, and I
    began to look forward to delivering them to see what the recipient was going
    to say next! To me, the fact that you had to navigate yourself and could
    go to many locations totally topped the transportation in any other game.

    Now to the negative aspects. As aforementioned, this game was not as hard
    as some others [CUR, SHA]. And since there was no specific 'days' or
    any kind of clock, the game sometimes seemed to lag. As far as snooping goes,
    this game does not compare. There's one secret passageway that doesn't have
    much in it, and other than that, most of the exploring is looking at all the
    fantastic creations of Josiah Crowley in his house. There aren't many heart-racing
    moments [save possibly the end and during one wonderful snooping opportunity].
    If you're looking for scary/creepy/suspenseful, this is not the game for you.

    All in all, this CLK is fun and light-hearted, a nice change of pace from CUR.
    You want a swingin' good time? Play CLK!

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    Smile . . . just because.

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    A very detailed and well thought out review. Thanks for the info. Reps for you!
    I wait for Henry.


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      Same here!
      live your life :D
      smile big like you can take on the world
      laugh like you cant stop
      dance like no ones watching
      have fun like theres no tomorrow
      do what you want. live how you want.
      life is full of surprises both good in bad
      take in the moment.
      live your life :D


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        This one is very classic. Yeah, I actually liked the transportation stuffz. It was pretty kool.
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