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Just make like a boyscout and be prepared. { Review }

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  • Just make like a boyscout and be prepared. { Review }

    Just to start off, this is my first review.

    Secret of the Old Clock.

    T h e P l o t ;
    We go back in time to Nancy's first ever mystery. Mysterious things are going on at the Lilac Inn. Mysterious enough to make Emily Crandall; owner of the Inn believe that she must be going crazy. A stove catching on fire, jewels being misplaced, a supposed will that would help out the Crandalls after the passing of the sly trickster Josiah Crowley. When instead everything in the will goes to an ESP wiz named Richard Topham. Will Nancy be able to put things right before the clock strikes out? Sure, the neighbors all seem like nice people, but do they really have something to hide? Secret passageways to exquisite cherry pies, this Nancy Drew game has a lot to offer.

    Good Things:
    * This game allows you to go back to the time of the Great Depression, which I think that HER portrayed well.
    * Nancy's first mystery, come on now, that's gotta scream amazing to somebody. (:
    * The plot just seemed very interesting to me. A supposed will that never appeared, mishaps and a guy who claims he's an ESP pro. Count me in.

    Bad Things:
    * I'm not sure that there were any. Besides the whole, "Oh, it's stolen, let's find it" kind of thing. Which really worked out for this game.

    Places To Explore;
    Lilac Inn; I thought that the Inn looked gorgeous from all of the parts that could be seen. It was exactly like a little quaint place that you could stay elsewhere, and it did have that homey feel to it.
    Crowley/Topham's House; It was very interesting inside, very much like how Josiah was described in the beginning. There were different random things everywhere, so you definitely had enough to look at, however, there wasn't much to do once you were inside. Unless you'd like to count actually talking to Topham, which is mainly what you did when you were inside. The outside was marvelous looking. It made me want to jump into my computer to have a look around.
    Crowley's Carriage House; The carriage house, I'd found to be interesting enough. There was quite a bit to do in one little place, which is all that I have to say about this.
    The Bank; The bank was extremely cute, if not a bit pixelly in a few places. But maybe that way just me. I was thinking that a bank would have been a bit bigger, but then we are talking about the 30's, so they really wouldn't have been too big yet. I was hoping that there would be more to see in the bank, but what was there was good enough to satisfy me for the duration of the game.
    Titusville as a whole; Was quite big, at least on the map and when you get to drive. I thought that it was fun to drive around everywhere, but you've really got to watch your gas meter.

    Good Things:
    * Driving around the town was very enjoyable. It's huge.
    * All of the places looked pretty amazing. The detail and colour was spot on.
    * There were quite a lot of things to do in certain places, Josiah's carriage house for one thing. Definitely enough to explore.
    * The music helped add to the effect of the places.

    Bad Things:
    * It was quite easy to run out of gas if you don't keep monitoring it.
    * Watch out for pot holes.
    * In the Inn, I think it'd be cool if Nancy had her own room or that you could've just gone into a spare room just for fun. Or maybe open the kitchen up so we could've investigated the stove a bit?

    Cast of Characters;
    Emily Crandall: Her mother recently died, leaving her with the burden of trying to keep an inn running while several strange things have been happening, and because of this leads people to believe that she's gone off of her rocker a bit. Could this all just be a simple ploy?

    Jane Willoughby: Appointed Emily's legal guardian after her mother passed. She's never had children and knows nothing about how to take care of them. She seems very sure that Emily's losing her mind, but has no idea how to help her. Is this the perfect motive for her?

    Richard Topham: Claims that he's an ESP god and that he's all-important. He lives in Josiah Crowley's old house, supposedly having inherited from Josiah's will along with everything else he owned. Could he be up to something?

    Jim Archer: The owner of the seemingly failing Bank of Titusville. He seems like quite a nice man whom is more than happy to help out Emily and Jane, but could his failing bank bring him to desperate measures? Could he really be harmful to the success of Lilac Inn?

    Josiah Crowley: Sure, he's not a character that you get to speak to in this game, but his importance was enough for me to add him to the list. In the beginning, we find out that he's a trickster of sorts, someone who loves to hide things in front of other people's noses. Before his death, people claimed that he said that he'd take care of them in his will. After his passing, everything he owned went to Richard Topham, with said people not receiving a dime. Thus, enough to strike suspicion.

    Good Things:
    * Some of the characters were drawn very well, with no pixelly-ness to them at all. I didn't find anything too badly wrong with Jane or Richard.
    * The personalities were pretty good too in some people.
    * I thought that there was enough conversations between each of them to suffice for this game. However, it is quite frustrating when you don't know what to do and nobody will talk to you.

    Bad Things:
    * Our banker was quite pixelly. Every time he moved, something funny would happen. Also, at one point he was telling a story and acting very sad, but the next minute he was all happy-happy-joy-joy. Mood swing?
    * Emily was a bit funny as well. Her head bothered me whenever I got to talk to her. And her feet were pretty big too, just saying.
    * Jane's voice really started to annoy me after awhile. But I've no doubt that the voice completed her character.
    * I don't know why, but I felt like some of Nancy's word choices were a bit rude. I dunno, perhaps it was just me?

    I felt that the puzzles in this game were exceptional. There were enough to keep you occupied and to drag the game out a bit.
    Some of them could be extremely frustrating, but not something that delivering telegrams for a bit couldn't fix. (:
    Tip - Write things down, it really does help. A lot. Unless you enjoy going into her journal to read everything.

    This game wasn't necessarily scary at all. Sure, there was the eerie feeling at some parts, but otherwise there was nothing to be terrified of. Most of it was just the feeling that you were going to be caught, but as a sleuth you've got to worry about that at all times.

    The ending was alright, kind of sudden, but alright. Not my favorite type of thing for it, but it wasn't terribly horrible. You might mess up the first time or two, but after you get the gist of what's going to happen, you pick up on it right away. The ending was also a bit laggy for me, but it might have just been my computer rather than the game.

    Secret of the Old Clock overall, was a pretty good game. If you're looking for something fast and easy, then this is the game for you. If you want something a bit more challenging, then you might want to try something else and then come back to it? Whichever floats your boat.
    It's a great game to start with though. I'd recommend it, as I would any Nancy Drew game.
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    So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,
    Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

    J.K. Rowling


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    Great review!!
    hey. sorry guys. but i have decided to take a VERY long break from HeR. I've realized that i've waisted to much of my time on HeR and nothing comes out of it. And the rules are way to strict for my taste. And you can't really talk about anything. so i might or might not come back to HeR. Sorry. I just see no point anymore because you cant get anything out of this website.



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      Oh, thank you.
      I'm glad you enjoyed it. (:

      So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,
      Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

      J.K. Rowling



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        Finally, a real review instead of the one-line opinions ("It's great!" "It's bad!") others have posted here recently.

        This was your first review? It's one of the best reviews I've read on any of these boards!

        I love how you listed the places to explore and the characters, also how you did the good and bad in each section.

        (My only criticism is that I found the blue text hard to read.)

        I've just started playing this game. Not sure how I feel about it yet (hate the driving, like the way they brought the Depression into it instead of just ignoring it), but your review is excellent!