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1930 is TOO old

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  • 1930 is TOO old

    So you don't hate me when you start reading this:
    This is my least favorite game. I thought it was boring, but let me go into more detail.

    The Plot:Nancy goes to Lilac Inn to help the young owner. When she arrives, someone steals the owner, Emily's, mother's jewlery. Her mother recently passed away. Also, Emily claims she is hearing sounds in the walls. 5/10
    The characters:In short: I hated them. They were dull and had no depth. Except for Mr. Topham, his beliefs were funny.3/10
    The setting:Terrible! 1930 is too old for a game. You had to drive her car around to get anywhere. Plus, it often ran out of gas and if you hit to many potholes, the tire would pop. Annnoying. The 1930's music also got on my nerves. Also, the people talked weird.1/10
    The ending:It was great- you know why? Because it meant the game was over. I was not suprised at all at the person, and the ending was lame.2/10

    This game was not one of my favorites. If you want to play all of them, like I did, it's worth a try. I did not care for it, but everyone has their own opinion.

    Overal rating-
    3/10 HeR could do better.

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    Though you're completely entitled
    to your own opinions, let me take
    this time to share mine.

    The Characters I believed were
    quite well thought out, considering
    they were from an original ND book
    and didn't give the game creator's
    much imagination other then with
    what the book supplied.

    The Setting, as stated before, was
    based on two of the most popular
    ND books, Lilac in and Secret of the
    Old clock. I thought the creators did
    an alright job, but the 1930s were
    when almost all of the books took
    place. Is 1930 too old for the book?
    If not, why is it too old for a game?

    As for the driving, I think that
    hitting potholes and gas were more
    about how well one drives rather
    then the game's design.

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