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Golf Ball Puzzle

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  • Golf Ball Puzzle

    I am having a tough time understanding how to solve the golf puzzle. Someone please help me. This is getting frustrating.

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    Ooh I forget what the official name for that kind of puzzle is, but you are basically trying to guess the pattern of colored balls the answer is.

    At the end is a covered combo of colored balls, and you have to try to guess it with your multiple tries. If you run out of tries without correctly guessing, you lose.

    I think when one of your guess results in a green symbol underneath it, that means one of your balls is the right color in the right spot.

    If you have a yellow symbol, then you have the right color there, it's just in the wrong spot.

    Unfortunately, there isn't any spoiler cuz the answer changes every time. Hope this helps a little!
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    Thank you newbie324!


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      Also, the solution is random everytime.


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        Something else that you can try is making your first couple guess all one color. Like the first guess be all yellow. If you can nail down pretty quickly which two colors are NOT in the correct order than you can randomly guess the correct order of the other four colors.

        Hope that helps, that is how I always do it.
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