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Clock in the Attic (French version)

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  • Clock in the Attic (French version)

    I'm playing the French version of this game and am upstairs in the shed attic trying to figure out the symbols that go with the names (Pyramus, Thisby, Flute). I've done the ham radio and seen the newspaper article about the symbols, but I'm unsure what ones to put. I translated the quotes as best as I could since French isn't my first language, but they don't seem to make sense with the symbols available.

    For instance, I translated Thisby's line as: "Shadows/ghosts that we are, if we have upset (displeased?) -- you must only appear and all will be repaired/restored that you didn't make -- the one total while you appeared in these visions."

    Hints and/or spoilers welcome! Thanks!

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    You will have to use the newspaper with the symbols to enter as follows:
    Flute: Hit the Road, This owner is in, and There are thieves about
    Thisby: Authorities here are alert, Bad Water, and There's n use going this way
    Pyramus: Barking dog here, Keep quiet, and Dangerous neighborhood

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      Thank you!!