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  • telepathic card game

    is there a certain order to win at that game ive try the spoiler and keep failing hint or new spoilers welcome

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    Here is a spoiler that I have used:

    Originally posted by hedgie View Post
    Hint: There really does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to Topham's telepathy quiz. Just listen to the question (I wrote it down), then take a wild guess. If it's correct, mark it down on your notes. The questions start to repeat so you will start to get them correct.

    This is what I have in my notes. Spoiler:

    What card is this? = circle or wavy lines
    What card am I thinking of? - star
    What card am I thinking of? - cross
    What card am I looking at? - circle
    What card am I concentrating on? - cross
    Can you tell what card this is? - wavy lines
    What card am I holding? - square
    Do you know what card I'm looking at? - square

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