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Henrik is always unavailable (for answer to level 3 quiz question)

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  • Henrik is always unavailable (for answer to level 3 quiz question)

    I have done everything so far and have been following the strategy guide, which told me to focus on the temple level 2 (now complete) before being able to ask Henrik for the answer required for the third temple quiz. He is always busy in therapy though!

    Tried going back to the hotel and changing time and visiting next day or later in the day and checked the disk from Henrik's stuff and no voicemails etc for hints but with no success. When I couldn't get to ask Henrik questions I did as much as possible on level 3 but now stuck!

    Need help please.


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    It sounds like there's something that triggers it. I never seem to remember this game super well but I'll try to help! Here are some ideas that came to mind:

    - Can you say anything to Joanna?
    - Have you followed up on the information on the disc?
    - Have you unlocked the drawer in the lab?
    - Is there anything you can talk to Alejandro about?

    Let us know if you find anything.
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